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A Naxal or Naxalite is a member of any political organisation that claims the legacy of the Communist Party of India, founded in Calcutta in 1969. The Communist Party of India is the largest existing political group in that lineage today in India; the term Naxal derives from the name of the village Naxalbari in West Bengal, where the Naxalite peasant revolt took place in 1967. Naxalites are considered far-left radical communists, supportive of Mao Zedong's political ideology, their origin can be traced to the split in 1967 of the Communist Party of India following the Naxalbari peasant uprising, leading to the formation of the Communist Party of India two years later. The movement had its epicentre in West Bengal. In years, it spread to less developed areas of rural southern and eastern India, such as Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana through the activities of underground groups like the Communist Party of India; some Naxalite groups have become legal organisations participating in parliamentary elections, such as the Communist Party of India Liberation and the Communist Party of India Janashakti.

As of April 2018, the areas where Naxalites are most visible are: Andhra Pradesh: Visakhapatnam Bihar: Gaya, Lakhisarai Chhattisgarh: Bastar, Dantewada, Kondagaon, Rajnandgaon, Sukma Jharkhand: Bokaro, Garhwa, Gumla, Khunti, Lohardaga, Ranchi, Simdega West, Singhbhum Maharashtra: Gadchiroli, Yavatmal Odisha: Koraput, Malkangiri Telangana: Bhadradri, Kothagudem The term Naxalites comes from Naxalbari, a small village in West Bengal, where a section of the Communist Party of India led by Charu Majumdar, Kanu Sanyal, Jangal Santhal initiated an uprising in 1967. However, the uprising itself formed after two decades of minor communist activity which first began in South India. In current-day Telangana, an Indian state which split from the larger Andhra Pradesh, communist mentality began to manifest, in July of 1948, a major event known as the Telangana Struggle occurred in which the lower-classes of 2,500 villages of the former Hyderabad State formed a series of communes. Furthermore, in same year, far-leftist mentality was solidified within the government structure by the publication of two major communist documents..

The first, the Andhra Thesis, expressed "that'Indian revolution' follow the Chinese path of protracted people's war" and how the "Indian revolution" must be similar to the Chinese people's war, in which the entirety of the population from the rural and agrarian areas of the nation should participate in conflict. The second document would be the Andhra Letter, published in June of 1948, the letter spoke of how Mao Zedong's concept of New Democracy should be implemented in an Indian revolution. In terms of communists in the young nation, the Communist Party of India formed in 1920 had internal conflict because the CPI had support from the Soviets, by 1964, the Communist Part of India was established. From the Telangana Struggle and the two political manifestos, the Naxalites were not the first instance of communist activity in the newly-formed country. On 18 May 1967, the Siliguri Kishan Sabha, of which Jangal was the president, declared their support for the movement initiated by Kanu Sanyal, their readiness to adopt armed struggle to redistribute land to the landless.

The following week, a sharecropper near Naxalbari village was attacked by the landlord's men over a land dispute. On 24 May, when a police team arrived to arrest the peasant leaders, it was ambushed by a group of tribals led by Jangal Santhal, a police inspector was killed in a hail of arrows; this event encouraged many Santhal tribals and other poor people to join the movement and to start attacking local landlords. These conflicts go back to the failure to implement the 5th and 6th Schedules of the Constitution of India. In theory these Schedules provide for a limited form of tribal autonomy with regard to exploiting natural resources on their lands, e.g. pharmaceutical and mining, and'land ceiling laws', limiting the land to be possessed by landlords and distribution of excess land to landless farmers and labourers. Mao Zedong provided ideological leadership for the Naxalbari movement, advocating that Indian peasants and lower class tribals overthrow the government of the upper classes by force.

From 1965-1966, the Communist Party of India had a major figure by the name of Charu Majumdar, he was a major figure of the movement who believed in Zedong's "protracted people's war" ideology. A large number of urban elites were attracted to the ideology, which spread through Charu Majumdar's writings the'Historic Eight Documents' which formed the basis of Naxalite ideology; these documents were essays formed from the opinions of communist leaders and theorists such as Mao Zedong, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin. Using People's courts, similar to those established by Mao, Naxalites try opponents and execute with axes or knives, beat, or permanently exile them. At the time, the leaders of this revolt were members of the CPI, which joined a coalition government in West Bengal just a few months back. However, this plan of action led to dispute within the party as Charu Majumdar believed the CPM was to support a doctrine based on revolution similar to that of the People's Republic of China. Leaders like land minister Hare Krishna Konar had been until "trumpeting revolutionary rhetoric, suggesting that militant confiscation of land was integral to the party's programme."

However, now that they were in power, CPI did not approve of the armed uprising, all the leaders and a number of Calc

S3 Safe Sex Store

S3 Safe Sex Store is the assumed name of the Michigan corporation, BAK, INC. The business offers sexual health products, sexual health information and education, free HIV testing and counseling. Community outreach is offered through an affiliated nonprofit entity of BAK, INC. called, SHARE. S3 Safe Sex Store was founded April 11, 1995 by BethAnn Karmeisool to provide products that help reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and infections, unintended pregnancies in a retail environment while promoting education. In 2012, the store was approved as an HIV testing center by the Michigan Department of Community Health; the corporation operates a brick-and-mortar retail store located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, as well as online retail and dissemination of sexual health information and resources. BAK, INC. was founded April 11, 1995 by BethAnn Karmeisool, operating as S3 Safe Sex Store at 108 West 4th Street, Royal Oak MI. The store launched with community support and focused on the message of prevention and sexual health education.

The business hosted the band, Spearhead, to perform its song, “Positive,” from the 1994 album, “Home.” The song written by Michael Franti, explores the possibility of contracting HIV and illustrated the mission of the newly opened S3. In 1996, S3 moved to 314 W 4th St, Royal Oak, MI and operated as Safety and Satins. By November 14, 1996, BAK, INC. had purchased the corporation, Condomwise Ltd. which operated one retail location in East Lansing, MI and one in Ann Arbor, MI under the assumed name, Condoms 101. BAK, INC. halted all operations of Condomwise Ltd. and restructured the East Lansing and Ann Arbor locations to operate as S3 Safe Sex Store, following the mission and vision of its flagship Royal Oak store. In 1998, BAK INC. closed the East Lansing and Royal Oak locations and consolidated all operations to the 1209 South University Ave. Ann Arbor MI location; the store began offering onsite HIV testing services in 2010, in cooperation with the HIV/AIDS Resource Center. In 2012, the location became approved as an HIV testing center by the Michigan Department of Community Health.

In 2014, BAK, INC. published the book, Knotty Time! A BDSM Safety Guide, written by S3 Safe Sex Store employee, Alex Champagne, MSW. SHARE, an affiliated nonprofit corporation of BAK, INC. obtained nonprofit corporate status from the State of Michigan on Oct. 10, 2014. Staff are required to obtain the State of Michigan HIV Test Counselor Certification through the Department of Community Health. Owner BethAnn Karmeisool obtained a Master of Public Health degree in Health Behavior and Health Education from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor in 2009. Employees have traditionally had previous or ongoing educational or professional experience in social work, public health, justice policy, human development & family studies and HIV/AIDS support efforts. Reviews and reports have indicated S3 Safe Sex Store employees to be friendly and informative; as reported in a 2014 Michigan Daily article, “They will help anyone, no matter their gender identity, sexual orientation, religion or how much money they can spend, because they want us all to be happy, healthy sexual beings.”

The company has always included a “store dog” as a stress reduction companion for those who may be experiencing anxiety regarding sexual health related issues. Companions include cockapoo-terrier mix “Pookie”, yellow Labrador “Jasmine” and yellow Labrador “Jake”; the company retails sexual health products, such as condoms, mastibatory aids, some novelties. Seminars are offered through its nonprofit entity, SHARE. Educational materials include proprietary instructional information and proprietary product analysis. Services include free weekly HIV counseling. S3 is listed as an HIV testing location at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Get Tested website; the company has taken steps to discontinue products containing phthalates. S3 Safe Sex Store states, services, “all people regardless of age, religion or sexual orientation a safe place that provides correct, consistent sexual health information.” The company has been reported to be “female friendly”, with a 2008 Michigan Daily article quoting an S3 employing stating, “We want to empower women with sexual information rather than repressing them.

We want to make them confident.”A 2009 Michigan Daily article was reposted at, stated, “The Safe Sex Store in Ann Arbor provides an excellent model for sexual aids and toys that promote positive health outcomes for men and women. Undoubtedly, this result is a feminist one.”S3 is noted as a resource for sexual health by the University of Michigan, University Health Service, Emory University's Office of Health Promotion and the University of Texas at Austin's Sexual Psychophysiology Laboratory. S3 Safe Sex Store supports local and national agencies through monetary and time donations. S3 has hosted fundraising events, such as Aphrodisia, which benefit charitable partners and non-affiliated beneficiaries. Notable charitable partners and beneficiaries include the HIV/AIDS Resource Center, AIDS Partnership Michigan, Planned Parenthood and the Midwest AIDS Prevention Project. SHARE is an affiliated nonprofit corporation of BAK, INC; the organization’s website states, “The goal of SHARE is to re-teach the idea of sex ed and make each person responsible for his or her actions relating to sexual health.”

Owner BethAnn Karmeisool, MPH teaches all seminars. HIV/AIDS Resource Center A

I'm Not OK

I'm Not OK is the debut EP by the German rock band Tokio Hotel's lead singer, Bill Kaulitz, was released through iTunes on May 20, 2016 under the moniker Billy. It contains 5 songs; the official artwork was designed by German designer Andrew Brawl, a good friend of Billy. The EP leaked on the Internet in April, nearly a month before official release due to iTunes music releasing system issues; the songs were written by Bill for Tokio Hotel’s upcoming album but were found personal and not fitting for Tokio Hotel’s sound. Bill decided to release them as a solo artist, he describes the EP as the diary of his feelings after a heartbreak. Each song will feature something special. For "Love Don't Break Me," it was a photo book and a photo exhibition; the EP was supported by a mini tour across 4 cities: Los Angeles, Berlin and Milan. Tickets for the events were limited and sold out just in hours after being available; the events included meet and greet with Billy, fan questions, art exhibition, book signing and private listening session of EP.

The first and lead single off the EP is “Love Don’t Break Me”, released 29 April 2016. The video was shot back in October, 2015 in Los Angeles by Shiro Gutzie and Davis Factor and premiered with the single release

Nobuo Kawakami

Nobuo Kawakami is a former Japanese football player. He played for Japan national team. Kawakami was born in Saitama on October 4, 1947. After graduating from Rikkyo University, he joined Hitachi in 1971; the club won the league champions in 1972. The club won 1972 and 1975 Emperor's Cup, he retired in 1978. He scored 7 goals in the league, he was selected Best Eleven in 1972 and 1975. On July 31, 1970, when Kawakami was a Rikkyo University student, he debuted for Japan national team against Hong Kong, he played at 1974 Asian Games. He was selected Japan for 1974, 1978 World Cup qualification and 1976 Summer Olympics qualification, he played 41 games for Japan until 1977. Nobuo Kawakami at Japan National Football Team Database

Ashley Peldon

Ashley Peldon is an American television and film actress. Peldon and her sister Courtney began their careers as child actors. In 1988, Ashley Peldon was cast as Marah Lewis, daughter of Josh and Reva Lewis on the daytime soap opera Guiding Light. Peldon received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for her third year on the show, she went on to appear in motion pictures such as The Lemon Sisters, Deceived, Drop Dead Fred, Arthur Miller's The Crucible, Ghost World and other films. For two years Peldon appeared on the NBC television series The Mommies, ABC television series Home Improvement and has had recurring roles on such television series as That 70s Show and The Pretender. Peldon starred as "spoiled actress Amy King" in MTV's comedy series Connected. In January 2007, Peldon graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in Child Psychology and Film from Skidmore College in New York, her interest in child psychology originated from her dramatic role as a sexually abused child in CBS' Child of Rage when she was 7 years old.

In February 2008, Peldon directed. The play starred Melissa Sagemiller. Peldon earned her Master's Degree in clinical psychology, she is a doctoral candidate in progress earning her PhD in depth psychology. Peldon married her husband Steve Hurdle in 2010, they have a daughter. She was nominated in 1991 for a Daytime Emmy at the Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series for The Guiding Light, she is a multiple and a six and three years consecutive nominee and award winner of a Young Artist Award at the Young Artist Awards: 1990 - Won for Best Young Actress in a Daytime Drama for The Guiding Light 1991 - Nominated for Best Young Actress in a Daytime Series for The Guiding Light. 1992 - Nominated for Best Young Actress in a Daytime Series for The Guiding Light. 1993 - Won for Best Young Actress Under Ten in a Television Movie for Child of Rage. 1994 - Nominated for Outstanding Youth Ensemble in a Television Series for The Mommies shared with Sam Gifaldi, Ryan Merriman, Shiloh Strong and Joey Zimmerman and won for Best Actress Under Ten in a Television Series or Show for Shameful Secrets tied with Ashley Johnson for Phenom.

1995 - Nominated three times, for Best Youth Comedienne in a TV Show and for Best Performance by an Actress Under Ten in a TV Series for The Mommies and for Best Performance by a Youth Actress in a TV Mini-Series or Special for Without Warning. 1997 - Nominated for Best Performance in a Drama Series by a Young Actress for The Pretender. 1998 - Nominated twice, for Best Performance in a Voiceover in TV or Film by a Young Actress for Cats Don't Dance and for Best Performance in a TV Movie/Pilot/Mini-Series by a Leading Young Actress for The Westing Game as the main character Tabitha Ruth/Turtle/Alice Wexler. 1999 - Nominated for Best Performance in a TV Drama Series by a Guest Starring Young Actress for The Pretender. Ashley Peldon on IMDb MSN-Movie: Ashley Peldon Peldon's Perfume Company Publicityville - Directed by Ashley Peldon

Imperial Noble Consort Shujia

Imperial Noble Consort Shujia, of the Korean Gingiya clan, placed into the Manchu Plain Yellow Banner after her death, was a consort of the Qianlong Emperor. She was two years his junior. Imperial Noble Consort Shujia's personal name was not recorded in history, she was a Korean Booi Aha by birth. Her family was moved into a Manchu banner, her original surname Jin was Manchufied to Gingiya. Father: Sanbao, served as a third rank military official in the Imperial Stables Three elder brothers During the reign of the Kangxi Emperor: Lady Jin During the reign of the Yongzheng Emperor: Mistress During the reign of the Qianlong Emperor: Noble Lady, sixth rank consort Concubine Jia, fifth rank consort Consort Jia, fourth rank consort Noble Consort Jia, third rank consort Imperial Noble Consort, second rank consort Imperial Noble Consort Shujia As Concubine Jia: Yongcheng, the Qianlong Emperor's fourth son, granted the title Prince Lü of the Second Rank in 1763, posthumously honoured as Prince Lüduan of the First Rank As Consort Jia: Yongxuan, the Qianlong Emperor's eighth son, granted the title Prince Yi of the Second Rank in 1779, elevated to Prince Yi of the First Rank in 1797, posthumously honoured as Prince Yishen of the First Rank The Qianlong Emperor's ninth son As Noble Consort Jia: Yongxing, the Qianlong Emperor's 11th son, granted the title Prince Cheng of the First Rank in 1789, posthumously honoured as Prince Chengzhe of the First Rank Portrayed by Pan Shiqi in Story of Yanxi Palace Portrayed by Xin Zhilei in Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace Ranks of imperial consorts in China#Qing Royal and noble ranks of the Qing dynasty Zhao, Erxun.

Draft History of Qing