Negahneewin College

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Negahneewin College
Negahneewin College logo.jpg
Motto "Leading the Way"
Undergraduates university, and continuing education students
Location Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
48°24′09″N 89°16′03″W / 48.4026°N 89.2676°W / 48.4026; -89.2676
Affiliations Confederation College
Website negahneewin[dead link]

Negahneewin College is a tertiary education institution aimed at the Indigenous people in Northwestern Ontario. Aboriginal institutes partner with colleges and universities to offer students degree programs, apprenticeships, certificate programs and diploma programs.

Negahneewin is an Anishnawbe word that means "Leading the Way." Negahneewin College of Academic & Community Development is a college "within and throughout" Confederation College in Thunder Bay.


Diploma Programs

  • Aboriginal Law and Advocacy

General Arts and Science Certificate Programs

  • Native Child & Family
  • Aboriginal Transition
  • General Arts and Science
  • Pre-Health Sciences
  • Pre-Technology

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