Nelson Province (Australia)

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Nelson Province
VictoriaLegislative Council
State Victoria
Created 1882
Abolished 1940

Nelson Province was an electorate of the Victorian Legislative Council (Australia). It was created in the wide-scale redistribution of Provinces 1882 when Central and Eastern Provinces were abolished and ten new Provinces were created.[1] Its area included Camperdown, Ararat and Mortlake.[2]

Nelson was created and defined by the Legislative Council Act 1881 (taking effect from the 1882 elections) as consisting of the following divisions: Hampden, Mortlake, Ararat Shire, Ararat Borough, Ripon, Grenville, Ballaarat, Lexton, Avoca, Stawell Shire and Stawell Borough.[3]

Nelson was later refined in 1904 as consisting of: Ararat, Beaufort, Carisbrook (boroughs of Carisbrook and Majorca), Clunes, Creswick, Dunolly (boroughs of Dunolly and Tarnagulla and the shire of Bet Bet), Glenorchy (shire of Stawell), Landsborough (shire of Avoca), Lexton, Maryborough, Moyston (shire of Ararat), St. Arnaud, Stawell, Stuart Mill (shire of Kara Kara), Talbot and Timor (shire of Tullaroop and the portion of the shire of Maldon within the province).[4]

Nelson Province was finally abolished in 1940 in the wake of another redistribution of Provinces in 1937 when four new Provinces were created. Nelson, Wellington and Melbourne East Provinces were all abolished in the years 1937 to 1940.[1]

Members for Nelson Province[edit]

Three members initially, two after the redistribution of 1904.[1] The first three members, Thomas Bromell, Charles Sladen and James Williamson were all "Assigned from original Western Province", Williamson was elected in place of the retiring Robert Simson.[5]

Member 1 Party Term Member 2 Party Term Member 3 Party Term
Thomas Bromell     Nov 1882 – Oct 1887 James Williamson     Dec 1882 – Aug 1888 Sir Charles Sladen     Nov 1882 – Dec 1882
Holford Wettenhall     Dec 1882[6][b] – Sep 1886
James Philip Macpherson     Nov 1887 – Aug 1891 William Henry Seville Osmand     Sep 1888 – Mar 1901 Thomas Dowling     Sep 1886 – May 1904
Samuel Williamson     Oct 1891[b] – May? 1901 [r] Steuart Gladstone Black     Mar 1901[b] – May 1904 Defeated
Hans Irvine     July 1901[b] – Sep 1906 [r] James Drysdale Brown     June 1904 – April 1922        
Edwin Henry Austin     Oct 1906[b] – Nov 1909
Thomas Carthew Miners     Dec 1909[b] – May 1910 Defeated
Theodore Beggs     June 1910 – May 1928 Edwin George Bath   NPA / UAP May 1922[b] – June 1937
Sir (Henry) Alan Currie   NPA / UAP May 1928 – June 1940
[b] = by-election
[r] = resigned


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Coordinates: 37°30′S 143°0′E / 37.500°S 143.000°E / -37.500; 143.000