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NeoCD is a Neo Geo CD emulator, written by Fabrice Martinez. It features full sound emulation, playback of the Red Book (audio CD standard) music tracks, and support of both joysticks.[citation needed]

Source ports[edit]

Name Platforms Latest release First release Notes Site
NeoCD/SDL Linux Windows BeOS 0.3.1 0.1 [1]
Neo4All Dreamcast Beta 3 Alpha 1 Based on NeoCD/SDL [2]
NeoDC Dreamcast 2.3 1 Based on NeoCD/SDL [3]
NeoCD/PS2 PlayStation 2 0.6c 0.01a Based on NeoCD/SDL [4]


Neo4All is an emulator specifically made for the Dreamcast. In addition to allowing multiple games on one disc, Neo4All is often used to burn single disc emulators for games which are more graphically tolling, such as Metal Slug. One method often used to fix GFX problems is to turn off the sound at the main menu.

Compatibility List for Neo4All[edit]

Game Description of Compatibility
3 count Bout Works
ADK World Works
Alpha Mission II / Amored Scrum Object II: Last Guardian (ASO 2) Works
Aero Fighters 2 Works very good.
Aero Fighters 3 Works very good.
Aggressors of Dark Kombat Works
Art of Fighting / Ryuuko no Ken Loads, but no GFX
Art of Fighting 2 Works very good
Art of Fighting 3 Works, but not full speed
Baseball Stars 2 Works
Blue's Journey Works
Breakers Works, but with tiny problems
Burning Fight Works
Crossed Swords 2 Works very good
Cyber-Lip Works
Double Dragon Works, some slowdown
Fatal Fury Works
Fatal Fury 2 Works
Fatal Fury 3 Works
Fighter's History Dynamite Works, some background GFX problems
Football Frenzy Works
Ghost Pilots Works, some slowdowns
Idol Mahjong Final Romance 2 Works
Ironclad Works, Needs SFX synced
Jyanshin Densetsu: Quest of Jongmaster Untested
Kabuki Klash / Tengai Makyou Shinden Works
Karnov's Revenge Untested
King of Fighters 94, The Good, some background graphics problems
King of Fighters 95, The Very good
King of Fighters 96, The Very good, some slowdowns
King of fighters 97, The Good, some slowdowns, long load screens
King of fighters 98, The Good, some slowdowns, long load screens
King of fighters 99, The Good, some slowdowns, long load screens
King of the Monsters, The Works
King of the Monsters 2, The Works
Last Blade, The Works good
Last Blade 2, The / Bakumatsu Roman Daini Tobari: Gekka no Kenshi Works good
Last Resort Good, but some slowdowns
League Bowling Works
Magician Lord Works, CDDA intermittent
Metal Slug Works Good
Metal Slug 2 Works Good, some slowdowns as happens on real NeoGeo CD console.
Mutation Nation Works Good
Nam-1975 Works
Neo Drift Out Works Good
Neo Geo Cup 98 Untested
Neo Turf Masters Runs Decent
Ninja Combat Works
Ninja Commando Works
Ninja Masters Works, some slowdowns
Pulstar Works Good
Puzzle Bobble Works Good
Ragnagard Untested
Rally Chase Works Good
Real Bout Fatal Fury/ Real Bout Garou Densetsu Works
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 Works
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special/ Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special Works
Robo Army Works
Samurai Shodown/ Samurai Spirits: Amakusa Kourin Works Good
Samurai Shodown II / Shin Samurai Spirits: Haohmaru Jigokuhen Works Good
Samurai Shodown 3 / Samurai Spirits 3 Good, Some slowdown
Samurai Shodown 4 / Samurai Spirits 4 Good, Some slowdown
Samurai Shodown RPG / Samurai Spirits RPG Will not load
Savage Reign Works
Sengoku Works
Sengoku 2 / Sengoku Denshou 2 Works
Soccer Brawl Works good, No CDDA
Stakes Winner Loads, but unable to play. Asks something about RAM
Street Hoop / Street Slam / Dunk Dream Good, Need sync SFX
Super Sidekicks Good, Some slowdowns
Super Sidekicks 2 Serious graphic problems
Super Sidekicks 3 Some GFX problems (mostly background)
Super Spy, The Works
Top Hunter Works, Some SFX problems without sync SFX
Top Players Golf Untested
View Point Very good
Windjammers Works, Some GFX problems at menu. Need sync SFX
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer Does not load
World Heroes Works
World Heroes 2 Works
World Heroes 2 Jet Very good
World Heroes Perfect Very good
Zintrick Works



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