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Nepenthales is an order of carnivorous flowering plants in the Cronquist system of plant classification. The order was placed in the subclass Dilleniidae, which in the 1981 version of this system included: order Nepenthales family Droseraceae family Nepenthaceae family SarraceniaceaeAll three families are carnivorous plant families; the Droseraceae contains three extant genera: Drosera. The other two families include pitcher plants. Plant taxonomy systematists favor the APG IV system of 2016 over the older Cronquist system for classifying flowering plants; the 2009 APG III system assigned the first two families to the order Caryophyllales and the last family to the order Ericales

Kurt Vonnegut's God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater

Kurt Vonnegut's God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater is a 1979 musical that marked the first collaboration of composer Alan Menken and writer Howard Ashman. Based on Kurt Vonnegut's 1965 novel of the same name, the musical tells the story of Eliot Rosewater, a millionaire who develops a social conscience and creates a foundation to improve the lives of the citizens of an impoverished Indiana town; the musical had a showcase in May 1979 at the WPA Theater in New York City. Directed by Ashman, Frederick Coffin played Eliot Jonathan Hadary played Mushari. Menken played the keyboards; the musical transferred to the Entermedia Theatre Off-Broadway, where it opened on October 14, 1979 and closed on November 24, after 49 performances. Directed by Ashman, the production featured Frederick Coffin, Janie Sell, Jonathan Hadary; the production won the 1983 Drama Desk Award, Outstanding Musical and 1983 Drama Critics Circle Award, Best Musical. The musical was produced at the Arena Stage in Washington, D. C. in May to June 1981, again starring Coffin.

The cast featured Robert Westenberg, Steve Liebman, Theresa Rabov, Leslie Cass. In March 2003, Rosewater was performed in concert as part of the CooperArts series at the Cooper Union; the New England premiere of the show was performed from April 14-24, 2016 by Cape Cod Community College, in West Barnstable Massachusetts. The cast was made up of students and most had heard of the book however not many knew that it had been made into a musical. An Encores! Off-Center staged concert ran at New York City Center from July 27-30, 2016; the production starred Skylar Astin, Santino Fontana, Brynn O'Malley, James Earl Jones. The production featured Rebecca Naomi Jones and was directed by Michael Mayer; this cast recorded the first studio recording of this musical in 2017. Source: CurtainUp God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater at the Internet Off-Broadway Database God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater at the Music Theatre International website "The Making of God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater", a 2016 Playbill oral history

Shannon Whirry

Shannon Whirry is a former American actress. She began to work in erotic B-movies in the early 1990s along with other scream queens of that era, such as Tanya Roberts, Maria Ford, Shannon Tweed. Director Gregory Hippolyte's productions of Animal Instincts I and II, Body of Influence, Mirror Images II featured Whirry in various stages of undress in repeated scenes. Other films were Playback, a Playboy production. In the late-1990s, she moved from softcore movies into a series of roles on mainstream network television and films, including action, sci-fi and horror genres, she had a recurring role as Mike Hammer's secretary Velda in the television series Mike Hammer, Private Eye and made guest appearances on such shows as ER, Seinfeld, V. I. P. Murphy Brown, Malcolm in the Middle and Nash Bridges, she had a small role in the Jim Carrey film Me, Myself & Irene. In 2007, she appeared on a BBC TV miniseries, Nuclear Secrets, playing Kitty Oppenheimer, the wife of Robert Oppenheimer. In 2004, she moved to Arizona.

Now married, she performs with theater companies in the area. Out for Justice, Terry Malloy Animal Instincts, Joanna Cole Sliver, Woman Looking in Mirror Body of Influence, Laura/Lana Mirror Images II, Carrie/Terrie Animal Instincts 2, Joanna Cole Lady in Waiting, Lori Private Obsession, Emmanuelle Griffith The Granny, Kelly Gargoli Dangerous Prey, Robin Ringer, Kristin/Tracy Playback, Karen Stone Exit, Diane Retroactive, Rayanne Omega Doom, Zed Fatal Pursuit, Jill The Prophet's Game, Barb Lying in Wait, Lois Me, Myself & Irene, Beautiful Mom Active Stealth, Gina Murphy Mach 2, Shannon Carpenter Mike Hammer: Song Bird, Velda Jolene, Teacher Longshot, Lydia Middle Men, Screaming Mother Texas Justice, Rebecca Eden, Lauren's Friend Silk Stalkings, Karen Daniels - in the episode "Look the Other Way" Murder One, Deborah Cummings - in the episode "Chapter Ten, Year Two" Murphy Brown, Amber - in the episode "Blind Date" Nash Bridges, Suzanne - in the episode "Moving Target" Pacific Blue, Kay McNeil - in the episode "Ties That Bind" Seinfeld, Cute Girl - in the episode "The Butter Shave" Mike Hammer, Private Eye, Velda Silk Stalkings, Victoria Tremain aka Jenny Kravits - in the episode "Passion and the Palm Beach Detectives" Air America, Dr Veronica Brady - in the episode "Fear of Flying" Sons of Thunder, Sabrina - in the episode "Daddy's Girl" V.

I. P. Katherine Johnson - in the episode "Why 2 Kay" City of Angels, Gina - in various episodes Malcolm in the Middle, Beautiful woman - in the episode "Evacuation" Black Scorpion, Vox Populi - in the episode "Face the Music" Felicity, Barb Jones - in the episode "Boooz" ER, Doreen Brant - in the episode "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" Nuclear Secrets, Kitty Oppenheimer - episodes "Superspy" and "Superbomb" Shannon Whirry on IMDb

Clara Villarosa

Clara Villarosa is an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. She is the co-founder of Villarosa Media and was the founder of Hue-Man Bookstores in Denver and Harlem, New York, one of the highest earning African-American bookstores in the country from the 1980s to the 2010s, her book, Down to Business: The First 10 Steps to Entrepreneurship for Women was nominated for a NAACP Image Award. Villarosa founded the African American Booksellers Association. In January 2016, she co-founded Villarosa Media with her daughters, Linda Villarosa and Alicia Villarosa; the company focuses on publishing new books from established black authors and classic books reissued in digital formats with print on demand capability. Its first published book was The Wind Is Spirit: The Life and Legacy of Audre Lorde. In 2016, she was featured in the film, Girl. Born in 1930, Villarosa was raised in Chicago, she earned a bachelor's degree in education and psychology at Roosevelt University and a master's degree in social work from Loyola University.

Following her studies, she worked until 1959 as a psychiatric social worker at Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago before becoming a full-time mother. The family moved to Denver, Colorado where Villarosa became the chief psychiatric social worker at the Department of Behavioral Science at Denver's Children's Hospital and director of the department. Villarosa attended the Graduate School of Social Work Doctoral Program and College of Law at the University of Denver, she worked temporarily as the employee relations manager at the United Bank of Denver during this time and became Vice president of Human Resources and Strategic Planning. Villarosa opened the Hue-Man Experience Bookstore in Denver in 1984. After 16 years, Villarosa sold the Denver bookstore in 2000, she moved to New York City and opened the Hue-Man Bookstore & Cafe in Harlem featuring a large collection of books by African-American authors. The store was located near the Apollo Theatre and became the largest African-American bookstore in the country.

It hosted events featuring former President Bill Clinton, Terry McMillan, James Baldwin, Colin Powell, Wynton Marsalis, Toni Morrison. Maya Angelou read at the store's opening. In January 2016, at the age of 85, she co-founded Villarosa Media with her daughters and Alicia Villarosa; the company focuses on publishing new books from established black authors and classic books reissued in digital formats with print on demand capability. Its first published book was The Wind Is Spirit: The Life and Legacy of Audre Lorde; as of January 2017, Villarosa is on the board of trustees for the University of Denver. Villarosa founded the African American Booksellers Association, she served on the boards of Colorado Small Business Development Center, Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center, the New Federal Theatre. Down to Business: The First 10 Steps to Entrepreneurship for Women, Penguin, ISBN 1101139927 The Words of African-American Heroes, Harper Collins, ISBN 1557049823 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work, Instructional List of women writers Official website Villarosa Media

Heavy Glow

Heavy Glow was an modern American rock band from San Diego, California. Formed by vocalist and guitarist Jared Mullins, the band released two albums, two EP's, one single, three music videos. Drummer Jared Mullins moved from Cleveland, Ohio to San Diego and began posting ads on Craigslist looking for a bass player. Joe Brooks responded. After Jared switched from playing drums to playing guitar and singing, the two formed Heavy Glow along with drummer Dave Rollans. At this time Mullins began doing in-studio guitar tech work in Los Angeles. A chance meeting landed a role as guitar tech for Stevie Salas during recording sessions for Justin Timberlake and T. I. After hearing early demos Stevie Salas brought the band to Matt Sorum's private studio in Los Angeles to produce the band's first EP; the band shortly thereafter signed to Australian record label StockXChange Music Group/Sony Australia. FOX’s television series The Good Guys used the track “Grinning in the Dark” in its second episode. StockXChange Music unexpectedly disbanded in early 2010 without compensating the band for EP sales.

The band independently recorded "The Filth & The Fury" in one, six-hour live studio recording session. Classic Rock Magazine UK distributed the song “Hot Mess” in a sampler CD for its July issue; the Filth & The Fury was nominated for Best Rock Album of the Year at the 2010 San Diego Music Awards. After which time Mullins became a part-time spokesperson for RockStar Solos and did a promotional video with Stevie Salas and Ron Blair. In 2011 the band released their debut album Midnight Moan. In 2012 the band recorded a follow-up album with producers Michael Patterson Production Credits and Nic Jodoin. In July 2013, CBS used "Headhunter" in the second episode of the Stephen King series "Under The Dome." The band's follow-up album and Swine and Everything Fine, was released in 2014. The band released a music video featuring Mayra Leal of the Robert Rodriguez movie Machete. In 2017 the Heavy Glow dimmed as Mullins disbanded the project in pursuit of marriage to longtime girlfriend. Future iterations of the band would fail to have the success and acclaim that the project had enjoyed.

Mullins is still performing and can be found playing auxiliary percussion for reggae cover bands in Kalamazoo, MI. Heavy Glow was described as a blend of blues, Motown, classic rock and hard rock with comparisons to bands such as Foo Fighters. Current membersJared Mullins – vocals, organ, Rhodes Heavy Glow The Filth & The Fury Midnight Moan Mine All Mine/Headhunter 7"" Pearls and Swine and Everything Fine "It's Too Late" "Look What You're Doing To Me" "Domino" Heavy Glow on Facebook

Phil Hardberger

Phillip Duane Hardberger is an American politician and jurist who served as mayor of San Antonio, taking office in June, 2005. A Democrat, he was elected on a non-partisan ballot. Hardberger was born in Morton, the seat of Cochran County in West Texas, to Homer Reeves Hardberger and the former Bess Scott. In 1943, the family moved to Texas; as a youth, Hardberger worked in cotton gins. His mother, a native of Burnet County, taught school in O'Donnell for thirty-three years and was a 1955 graduate of Texas Tech University in Lubbock. Son Phil graduated the same year from Baylor University in Waco. Hardberger was reared in the Baptist Church, he has a younger sister, Jan Peranteau, born in 1945 in Lamesa, the seat of Dawson County in the Texas South Plains country. Hardberger said that his mother was "the single most cheerful person I've known, she loved the trees and flowers here in San Antonio and always had a positive spirit." After Baylor, Hardberger piloted the B-47 bomber. He was the executive secretary of the Peace Corps during the administration of U.

S. President John F. Kennedy, he was a special assistant to the director of the U. S. Office of Economic Opportunity under President Lyndon B. Johnson. In 1968, he married the former Linda Morgan, who in 1956 survived the sinking of the SS Andrea Doria, he would be appointed Associate Justice and Chief Justice of the Fourth Court of Appeals. As chief justice, he presided over the Littleton v. Prange case, invalidating marriages in the court's jurisdiction if the transgender partner is of the same birth sex, it also opened the option for some same-sex couples to marry as long as the two partners were assigned to the opposite sex at birth. Hardberger's decision to run for mayor in the fall of 2004 was somewhat of a surprise because no one without a city council background had been elected mayor of San Antonio in modern history, he defeated Councilman Julian Castro, his ultimate successor as mayor, in a runoff on June 7, 2005. Hardberger himself succeeded Ed Garza, prohibited by city statute from serving more than two two-year terms.

He was in office during the fall of 2005 when the New Orleans Saints were displaced as a result of Hurricane Katrina and set up their operations in San Antonio. The 2005 season was split between the Alamodome in San Antonio and LSU's Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. Various media reports in the San Antonio Express-News indicated the owner and government officials in San Antonio were working behind the scenes concerning a possible permanent relocation to San Antonio. Hardberger pushed a strong verbal campaign to pursue the Saints. Other officials, including then-Texas Governor Rick Perry, had indicated they would support a relocation to San Antonio, including using funding to upgrade the Alamodome, or build a new stadium, it is disputed in some circles as to the amount of discussions that happened between Mayor Hardberger and the New Orleans Saints. According to the San Antonio Express-News, Mayor Hardberger encouraged Saints owner Tom Benson to sue the NFL and commissioner Paul Tagliabue to try to keep the team in San Antonio permanently.

No lawsuit was filed. Hardberger hasn't given up hope on another professional sports team though the Saints have returned to New Orleans when he said, "Sometimes dates do lead to marriage proposals. We don't have to be a one-franchise town." Hardberger went on to say,"I'm going to support the county judge on this Marlins thing," Hardberger says. "But I have not changed my mind about the NFL. Baseball is a great game, but there isn't any doubt in my mind that, if we're going to take on an additional professional franchise, the great majority of people here would like a football team."..."I am certain that we will wind up with an NFL team in the next few years. It is coming, if it's not the Saints, it will be somebody else." At the time Hardberger was first elected the city had been in talks with Major League Soccer to bring a franchise to the city as part of the league's continued expansion plans. Hardberger put an end to the talks. That's what I would tell MLS," contending that the deal did not make financial sense for San Antonio.

Hardberger was re-elected in May 2007 and completed his term in May 2009. One of his final acts as Mayor was to garner support to change the city's mayoral term limits from two to four two-year terms, he garnered 77% of the vote during his re-election in 2007 and left the mayor's office at the end of his second term with an approval rating of 86 percent. During his two terms in office he was instrumental in leading San Antonio's response to Katrina and Rita victims, growing San Antonio's park space with the acquisition of Voelcker Park and the new San Antonio River expansion, starting Haven for Hope as a new city facility for San Antonio's growing homeless population, setting the city on the road to being recognized as a green city as a result of its Mission Verde initiative, he was responsible for redeveloping Main Plaza to restore the city's original downtown center of government and society and for bringing on Sheryl Sculley as City Manager. In December 2009, in recognition of the former mayor's leadership and foresight in championing quality of life projects, the City of San Antonio announced it was changing the name of Voelcker Park to Phil Hardberger Park.

In January 2010, Hardberger became a shareholder at Cox Smith, the largest law firm in San Antonio and one of the leading business law firms in Texas. He supports the firm's Litigation, Public Law and Economic Development practices, is involved in the firm's external affairs and community relations. Hardber