Neuquén People's Movement

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Neuquén People's Movement
Movimiento Popular Neuquino
Abbreviation MPN
President Omar Gutiérrez
General Secretary Silvia Noemi De Otaño
Vice President Luis Felipe Sapag
Treasurer Marcelo Humberto Berenguer
Founder Felipe Sapag
Elías Sapag
Amado Sapag
Founded 4 June 1961
Headquarters Neuquén, Argentina
Ideology Regionalism
Neo Peronism
Third Way
Political position Centre-right
Seats in the Chamber of Deputies
1 / 257
Seats in the Senate
2 / 72
Seats in the Legislature of Neuquén
12 / 35

The Neuquén People's Movement (Spanish: Movimiento Popular Neuquino, MPN) is a provincial political party in the province of Neuquén, Argentina.

The party was founded by, amongst others, Carlos Sobisch, Elías Sapag, Felipe Sapag and his brothers, Peronists who had been discriminated against by the military government. It began on 4 June 1961 and has held the Neuquén governorship and many of the local and national legislative positions since then.

At the legislative elections of 23 October 2005 the party won two of the 127 elected national deputies (out of 257). It has one of the three Neuquén senators in the Argentine Senate – Horacio Lores, as well as the governor of Neuquén, Jorge Sapag, son of Elías Sapag. Luz Sapag, Elías' daughter, is Mayor of San Martín de los Andes and a former senator.

Jorge Sobisch, son of Carlos Sobisch, was a candidate for the presidency of Argentina at the 2007 elections, having been a high-profile governor of Neuquén. Sobisch resigned the presidency of the MPN in December 2007.[1][2] The party has seen internal rivalry between the Sapag and Sobisch families, along a left-right political split.


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