Neve Eitan

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Neve Eitan
Skyline of Neve Eitan
Neve Eitan is located in Jezreel Valley region of Israel
Neve Eitan
Neve Eitan
Coordinates: 32°29′28.07″N 35°31′51.86″E / 32.4911306°N 35.5310722°E / 32.4911306; 35.5310722Coordinates: 32°29′28.07″N 35°31′51.86″E / 32.4911306°N 35.5310722°E / 32.4911306; 35.5310722
CouncilValley of Springs
AffiliationKibbutz Movement
Founded25 November 1938
Founded byImmigrants from Poland

Neve Eitan (Hebrew: נְוֵה אֵיתָן, lit. Strong residence) is a kibbutz in the Beit She'an Valley in northern Israel. Located about 1 km east of Beit She'an and 1 km west of Maoz Haim, it is under the jurisdiction of Valley of Springs Regional Council. In 2017 it had a population of 316.[1]


The kibbutz was established on 25 November 1938 by Polish members of the "Akiva" movement as part of the tower and stockade campaign. Native Israelis joined the settlement in 1952; the name "Neve Eitan" is based on the original Hebrew text of a verse in Jeremiah (Jeremiah, 49:19)[2]


The kibbutz is home to the "Ge'on HaYarden" (lit. Pride of the Jordan) high school, which has more than 500 pupils. A failed attempt to build an external addition to the kibbutz area has brought a big group of families to the place, most of which are home-schoolers. With over 20 eco-unschooling families, Neve-Eitan has the largest community of home-schoolers in Israel.

Notable residents[edit]


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