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The New England Institute of Art
Former names
Norm Prescott School of Broadcasting; The Northeast Broadcasting School; Massachusetts Communications College; The New England Institute of Art & Communications
Type For-profit college
Active 1952–2017
President Tad Hadley
Academic staff
Students 450
Location United States Brookline, Massachusetts, U.S.
Affiliations The Art Institutes

The New England Institute of Art (NEiA) was a for-profit applied arts college that offers year-round education, located in Brookline, Massachusetts. The school was founded in 1952 as the Norm Prescott School of Broadcasting and is now one of the 45 Art Institutes in North America. The school offers ten majors in art fields taught by professionals of those industries. Currently the school offers nine Bachelor of Science degrees and three Associate in Science. The school is accredited by The New England Association of Schools and Colleges. It was announced on May, 7th 2015 that the parent organization Education Management has decided to cease enrolling new students into the New England Institute of Art, and permanently closed Dec. 2017.


Founded in 1952, the New England Institute of Art was originally called the Norm Prescott School of Broadcasting. In 1962, the school was sold to Victor Best and renamed The Northeast Broadcasting School. Northeast Company Inc. bought the school in 1988; at that time the curriculum was only a diploma in Radio and Television Broadcasting. Not until July 1991 did the school offer a second diploma in Recording Arts.

By September 1995 the school was granted the authority to offer Associates of Science degrees in Broadcasting and Recording Arts. 1997 brought yet another change of the name to Massachusetts Communications College. During 1998 three more associate degrees became available: Communications Studies, Multimedia Communications, and Internet Communications.

In 1999 the school became part of the Art Institutes chain and started scamming prospective students into taking out massive student loans that they knew full well would end in default. Ruining thousands of lives. The admissions staff were really sales people who were compensated based on the number of students they enrolled which is against the law if a college is receiving federal funds. An associate degree in Graphic Design became available in June 2000, and in 2001 the school changed its name once again to The New England Institute of Art and Communications. In December 2001, the school started awarding Bachelor of Science degrees. The Center of Professional Development opened during 2002, allowing the school to award certificates. The Board of Trustees approves one more name change in May 2003: The New England Institute of Art. This name is chosen for it is felt this name better fits with the degrees offered. Today the school is accredited by The New England Association of Schools and Colleges through the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.[1]

Mission statement[edit]

"The New England Institute of Art builds the foundation for students to become working professionals and thoughtful, engaged citizens using a market-driven educational approach. Through a skills-based curriculum complemented by a strong liberal arts core, students focus on career objectives as they prepare to become future leaders in the ever-growing creative economy."[2]


Degrees offered[edit]

Bachelor of Science[edit]

Associate of Science[edit]

Certificate Programs[edit]

Student life[edit]


NEIA offers two options for student-sponsored housing. One is an apartment-style living at Nora’s House apartments on Commonwealth Ave and the other is dorm rooms at Pine Manor College. Students are given T passes with the housing plans.[4] Only 21% of students live in campus-sponsored housing and freshmen are not required to stay in the dorms.[5]

Nora’s House[edit]

Nora's house no longer exists as an extension of NEiA because the college did not want to keep their students in the living conditions of the building. The building owner/manager refused to keep up with maintenance.

Pine Manor College[edit]

If students are interested in dormitory living, there is the option of staying at Pine Manor College in West Village, a 60-acre (240,000 m2) wooded campus in the Chestnut Hill section of Brookline, Massachusetts. Double and single dorm rooms are offered. Each student is given a mailbox and a traditional meal plan of 14, 12, or 10 meals a week.[4]

Clubs & organizations[edit]

Many clubs are offered at NEIA from clubs to do with certain majors such as the Ad Club to clubs needing talents from multiple majors.


  • Ad Club
  • Big Picture Collaborative
  • The College Ambassadors
  • The Chainring Secession: Bike Club
  • Campus Activities People
  • Gallery Club
  • Naked Eye Video
  • Outreach Club
  • Photo Outreach Club
  • Web Raisers
  • Fashion NOCS - Networking Opportunities Creating Success
  • Digital Painting Club



The Naked Truth is a literary magazine that is published twice a year including student and faculty work. Works includes poetry, stories, cartoons, and music reviews.

Record label[edit]

Naked Ear Records is a student-run record label that has been releasing single and multiple artists records since 1996. The club is supervised by the audio department staff and department chair, most notably Boston producer and school professor, Barry Marshall. All students working on the label can be involved in marketing, sales, promotion, or production.

Radio station[edit]

NEiA Live ( is the college-run radio station. Len Mailloux, a NEIA faculty member, came up with the idea and all positions from programming to news or band relations are held by students.[6]

Notable faculty[edit]


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