New Hope Baptist Church (Newark)

New Hope Baptist Church is a church in Newark, New Jersey, located at 106 Sussex Avenue in University Heights. New Hope began its services as a "mission" in the home of Maggie Vine; the church organized on June 2, 1903, by the small but growing African-American community in Newark and incorporated on May 1, 1918. Famous members of the congregation include late R&B singer Whitney Houston, who grew up attending the church and singing in the choir, as well as her cousins Dionne and Dee Dee Warwick. Whitney's mother Cissy Houston is a lifelong active member of the congregation, serves on the Deaconess Board. In 2010, Cory Booker kicked off his Newark mayoral re-election bid. Cissy Houston has long been a musical influence on the church. Funeral services for Whitney Houston, a lifelong member of the congregation, were held at the New Hope Baptist Church. NJ Governor Chris Christie began his inauguration activities at the church in 2009 and 2014; the Drinkard Singers McDonald's Gospelfest New Hope Newark

Javan myna

The Javan myna known as the white-vented myna, is a species of myna. It is a member of the starling family; the Javan myna is sometimes included in the jungle myna. The International Ornithologists' Union recommends not using the name "white-vented myna" to avoid confusion; the Javan myna is black. The wings are brownish-black, the primaries have white bases; the undertail-coverts are white. There is a short crest on the forehead; the beak legs and feet are yellow. The eyes are lemon-yellow; the immature is browner. Its length is 21–23 cm, its weight is about 100 g. The Javan myna is native to Java and Bali and has been introduced to southeast Thailand, southern Malaysia, Sumatra, the Lesser Sundas, Puerto Rico, Japan, it is found in cultivated areas. The Javan myna is omnivorous and eats seeds, nectar and human waste, it is found in large groups. Its voice is similar to that of the common myna, it builds its nest in holes. The eggs are bluish-glaucous. Javan mynas are bold and not afraid of humans. Javan mynas are kept in cages in Indonesia.

The birds scavenge in groups, minimum two but three or more, with all except one feeding and one at a vantage point keeping a look out. If the bird, keeping watch sees anything that might pose a threat, it alarms the group members with a high pitch tweet and they all flee the area swiftly

Whitey Von Nieda

Stanley Lee "Whitey" Von Nieda Jr. is an American retired professional basketball player and coach. He was born in Pennsylvania, he played basketball at Penn State University. Enlisting in the army during World War II, he played with Georgia paratroopers. There he led both college and service teams, in scoring with 1062 points in 44 games. After being discharged he played for the Lancaster Red Roses in the Eastern Basketball League where he led that league in scoring, averaging better than 24 points per game. In 1947 he began playing for the Tri-Cities BlackHawks in the National Basketball League. While with the Blackhawks he made the All-Rookie team averaging 12 points a game; the team made it to the final round of the playoffs in both of the years he played there. In 1949, the founding year of the National Basketball Association, he was traded to the Baltimore Bullets where he completed the 1949 and 1950 NBA seasons. In Baltimore he started every game shooting guard. Whitey was known for his quickness on the court.

After leaving the NBA he coached at Elizabethtown College for two years. In 1952 he became the player/coach of the Lancaster Red Roses for four years making it to the finals three of the four years. Again in 1985 he coached Lancaster in the Continental League, these teams were a stepping stone to the NBA. Once again his team made it to the finals. For many years he coached junior teams where he worked with 10- and 12-year-old kids teaching them the fundamentals of basketball. Career statistics and player information from