New Jersey's 15th congressional district

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New Jersey's Fifteenth Congressional District in the House of Representatives was a relatively short-lived district that was created after the 1960 Census and eliminated after the 1980 Census.

New Jersey had gained a fourteenth seat following the 1930 Census, and reached its historic maximum of fifteen in 1963. After the elimination of the 15th, New Jersey was left with 14 seats in the House of Representatives until 1993, when it was reduced to 13 as a result of the 1990 Census.

In 1970, the district's borders largely overlapped those of Middlesex County, and a large majority of the county was in the 15th district.

The district was created starting with the 88th United States Congress in 1963, based on redistricting following the United States Census, 1960, it was eliminated in 1983 following the 97th United States Congress.

List of Representatives[edit]

Representative Party Years Note
District Created January 3, 1963
Edward J. Patten.jpg
Edward J. Patten
Democratic January 3, 1963 –
January 3, 1981
Bernard J. Dwyer.jpg
Bernard J. Dwyer
Democratic January 3, 1981 –
January 3, 1983
Redistricted to the 6th district.
District Eliminated January 3, 1983


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