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The New Picture House (often called the NPH for short) is an independent cinema located in St Andrews, Scotland, which was first opened in 1930.[1] It contains three cinema screens, the largest of which contains a row of special "VIP" seats consisting of electronic black recliners and has both a ground level and balcony seating area. There is also a lounge area available for rental by members of the public, with the option to view a licensed DVD digitally projected at a canvas screen.[2]

The cinema screens are equipped with traditional film projectors and a digital projector, the Christie CP-2000 Digital Projector,[3] as of June 2010, the cinema is equipped with digital 3D projectors in all of its screens.[4]

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Coordinates: 56°20′30″N 2°47′52″W / 56.3418°N 2.7977°W / 56.3418; -2.7977