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Year 827 was a common year starting on Tuesday of the Julian calendar. June 14 – Euphemius, exiled Byzantine admiral, asks for the help of North African Arabs, to retake Sicily and Malta from the Byzantines. Emir Ziyadat Allah I of Ifriqiya promises to return the islands to Euphemius, in exchange for a yearly tribute, sends an Arab Muslim expeditionary force of 10,000 men under the 70-year-old Asad ibn al-Furat, which lands at Mazara del Vallo in Sicily. Fall – Siege of Syracuse: Muslim forces under Asad ibn al-Furat, in support of the rebel Byzantine army, besiege Syracuse, Sicily. Summer – Omurtag, ruler of the Bulgarian Empire, launches an attack to the West, penetrates into Pannonia, he expels the local chiefs, installs Bulgar governors over the Slavic tribes to control them. Omurtag conquers the cities of Beograd, Braničevo and most of eastern Slavonia. Giustiniano Participazio deposes his younger brother Giovanni I, is appointed doge of Venice. Giovanni, part of a pro-Frankish faction, is exiled to Zara.

Æthelstan establishes himself after killing King Ludeca of Mercia in battle. Ludeca is succeeded by father-in-law of the late king Ceolwulf I's daughter. Emperor Jing Zong is assassinated by a group of conspirators, he is succeeded by his brother Wen Zong, as ruler of the Tang Dynasty. August 27 – Pope Eugene II dies after a 3-year reign, is succeeded by Valentine as the 100th pope of the Catholic Church. October 10 – Pope Valentine dies just after a two-month reign, is succeeded by Gregory IV as the 101st pope of Rome. Chalid Ben Abdulmelik and Ali Ben Isa travel to the Plain of Sinjar, under orders of Caliph Al-Ma'mun, to measure the size of the Earth; the Saracens, who found spinach in Persia, introduce the plant to Sicily. Ali ibn Muhammad, Muslim sultan Cyril, Byzantine missionary and bishop Ibn al-Rawandi, Muslim scholar and writer Maura of Troyes, Frankish noblewoman and saint January 1 – Adalard of Corbie, Frankish abbot August 27 – Eugene II, pope of the Catholic Church October 10 – Valentine, pope of the Catholic Church Agnello Participazio, doge of Venice Claudius, archbishop of Turin Grigol of Kakheti, Georgian prince Guillemundus, Frankish nobleman Hildegrim, bishop of Châlons Jing Zong, emperor of the Tang Dynasty Li Yi, Chinese poet Ludeca, king of Mercia Wu Chongyin, Chinese general Yaoshan Weiyan, Chinese Buddhist monk

Mirco Bergamasco

Mirco Bergamasco is an Italian rugby union and rugby league footballer. Bergamasco has played both rugby league and rugby union, is a dual-code rugby international, having played for both the Italy national rugby union team and the Italy national rugby league team, he plays at centre or wing. He played in the 2007 and 2011 Rugby World Cups as well as the 2017 Rugby League World Cup. In March 2016, Bergamasco signed with the Sacramento Express for the inaugural season of PRO Rugby. Bergamasco made his international debut against France in the 2002 Six Nations Championship, having appeared against an All-Star XV in a non-cap international, he established himself as a regular in the Azzurri side under coach John Kirwan. He scored three tries in the 2003 Six Nations Championship, he suffered a jaw injury during the 2003 Rugby World Cup and was forced to miss all but two of Italy's games. He switched to inside centre from the back three and was considered one of the stars of the 2006 Six Nations Championship, scoring three tries in five matches.

Though his position has been that of the wing and centre, he has been one of the main goal kickers for Italy since 2011. In the 2011 Six Nations Championship match against France. Bergamasco kicked six from eight, resulting in a 22–21 win for Italy, their first win in the Six Nations against the French. Bergamasco returned to the Italian side for the 2014 Six Nations Championship, but was not selected to play in any matches. In October 2016, Bergamasco was selected in Italy's 22-man squad for their 2017 Rugby League World Cup qualifying campaign, he played at centre in two matches. In March 2017, Bergamasco joined the Saluzzo Roosters during their inaugural season in the French National Division 2 competition. In June 2017, Bergamasco represented Italy in their matches against Lebanon and Spain, kicking 13 goals against the latter. Bergamasco kicked 4 goals in Italy's pre-World Cup match against Malta in October. Bergamasco is the son of Arturo and the younger brother of Mauro Bergamasco, both Italian internationals.

Bergamasco appeared on the cover and in the 2004 edition of Les Dieux du Stade, a calendar in which French rugby players pose nude. In 2007 he and his brother featured on the cover of the Italian version of the EA Sports game Rugby 08. Bergamasco is a vegan since 2013. In 2017 he posed nude for one of PETA's ad campaigns advocating for the vegan lifestyle. He's married to French Iranian journalist Ati Safavi, she became a vegan before him. They both appeared as testimonials for the Italian animal rights organization Lega Anti Vivisezione. RBS 6 Nations profile at the Wayback Machine Statistics at

St Mark's Church, Silvertown

St Mark's Church, Silvertown or St Mark's Church, Victoria Docks is a former church building in Silvertown in east London, located on North Woolwich Road. It takes one of its names from the nearby Royal Docks, it now houses the Brick Lane Music Hall. The church was founded as a joint church and school, housed in an iron building and opened in 1857. Samuel Sanders Teulon was taken on as the designer of a permanent church, which opened in 1862 and was promoted to a separate parish two years taking parts of Woolwich and East Ham; the docks' manager Charles Capper was allowed to nominate the first vicar, but after that the bishop of London was made the parish's patron. St Mark's founded mission churches at St Matthew's, Custom House in 1860, transferred to St Luke's Church, Canning Town before becoming a parish of its own in 1920. St Luke's itself was a mission church of St Mark's before being made a parish of its own on its permanent church's completion in 1875. St Mark's opened the mission churches of St John's, North Woolwich in 1872 and St Barnabas' Church, West Silvertown in 1882.

The building survived the war but the decline of the London docks in the 1960s led to a sharp drop in local population and major slum clearances in the area. The church was declared redundant in 1974 and its parish merged with those of two of its former mission churches, St Barnabas' and St John's – St Barnabas was declared redundant, with St John's becoming the sole church for the resulting parish of North Woolwich with Silvertown; the church building was bought in 1979 by Newham Council, with the intention of turning it into a museum. A major fire in 1981 destroyed the roof, replaced between 1984 and 1989. After the fire the Brick Lane Music Hall took on the building, converting it to its present use in 2003–2004 to host traditional music hall and produced shows. Brick Lane Music Hall had opened in 1982 in the former Truman’s Brewery building in Brick Lane, before moving to Shoreditch and its present building, it was established by Vincent Hayes, who had performed with his band at the Lord Hood pub, where he was landlord during the 1980s.

The church's exterior was left unchanged, whilst a stage, bar and lighting and sound equipment were added to the interior, with offices housed in the church's former vestry. In 2004 a mural was painted on the wall behind the church's exterior war memorial, whilst a new lighting and sound rig was installed in October 2006. Audiences are seated at tables in a cabaret-style arrangement and food is served during the interval at matinees and before the show in the evenings. Brick Lane Music Hall is licensed for weddings and civil partnership ceremonies as well as being involved in workshops for schools, as well as taking shows to community centres, care homes and hospices throughout the East End

Naughty Little Doggie

Naughty Little Doggie is the eleventh studio album by American rock singer Iggy Pop released in 1996. The last track, "Look Away", features his tribute to Sable Starr; the photography is by Anton Corbijn. A video was made for "To Belong". Mark Deming of Allmusic gave the album 2.5 of 5 stars. He praised the vocal performance of Pop and musicianship of the guitarist and drummer in this release, but criticized the songwriting stating it was not inspiring. Additionally, Deming stated it could not be compared to Pop's previous masterpiece albums and compared it to the 1988 release, Instinct. Deming stated it was a solid release and a respectable hard rock album despite his perception of its mediocrity. All tracks composed except where noted. "I Wanna Live" - 4:31 "Pussy Walk" - 3:47 "Innocent World" - 3:28 "Knucklehead" - 4:09 "To Belong" - 4:11 "Keep on Believing" - 2:29 "Outta My Head" - 5:36 "Shoeshine Girl" - 3:50 "Heart Is Saved" - 3:02 "Look Away" - 5:02B-sides and alternative versions"I Wanna Be Your Dog" - 4:56 Iggy Pop - vocals, guitarThe FuckupsEric Mesmerize - guitar Hal Wonderful - bass, keyboards on "Shoeshine Girl" Larry Contrary - drumsAdditional personnelThe Mighty Whitey - guitar Naughty Little Doggie at Discogs


Fyataru is a fictitious character of Bengali novelist and poet Nabarun Bhattacharya. Fyatarus are flying human beings; these characters are the part of creation of Bhattacharya's Magic realism. Nabarun Bhattacharya introduced Fyataru as a magical set of human beings to Bengali readers, it is believed. The word fyat means the sound created by kites while they are uru relates with flying. Further in Bengali language'fyat' implies something worthless. Fyatarus belong to marginal section of society, who unsettle diabolical political structures and evil interests through pinpointed mayhem, they are anarchist, underclass in nature, fond of sabotage and are capable of flying whenever they utter the fyataru's anthem "fyat fyat shaai shaai". This anthem was made into a song by a Bangla band Chandrabindu in one of its albums, they appear in his books Mausoleum, Kaangaal Maalshaat, Fatarur Bombachaak, Fyatarur Kumbhipaak and Mobloge Novel. Fyatarus can use slangs and sub altern language. Many Kolkata based theatre group performed.

Director Suman Mukhopadhyay picturised a fyataru based novel into a movie, Kangal Malsat in 2013