Newfoundland general election, 1956

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The 32nd Newfoundland general election was held on 2 October 1956 to elect members of the 31st General Assembly of Newfoundland, the third general election for the province of Newfoundland, Canada. It was won by the Liberal party.


  Party Leader 1951 Seats won % change Popular vote (%)
Liberal Joey Smallwood 24 32 75,883 66.3%
Progressive Conservative Malcolm Hollett 4 4 36,591 32.0%
     Co-operative Commonwealth Federation Sam Drover 0 0 * *
     Other 0 0 0% 1,964 1.7%
Totals 28 36 - 114,438 100%

*CCF votes are among the 1,964 ballots categorized as "other". This was the CCF's first election, Sam Drover had been a cabinet minister in the Liberal government until he quit and decided to found the CCF in the province. The party ran 10 candidates in the 1956 election, the first time it had contested a provincial election in Newfoundland.