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Newswatch is a brand for local newscasts.

Stations That Use or Have Used the Newswatch Name[edit]

DMA# DMA Name Station Affiliation Yes/No Other Notes
2. Los Angeles, California KDOC-TV Ind. No Originally called NewsWatch 56 in the fall of 1988, then re-branded as Orange County NewsWatch, and then KDOC NewsWatch. Stopped Producing News in 1992. Instead, KDOC produced news cut-ins. KDOC resumed full TV news production in 2007 with Daybreak OC a partnership with the Orange County Register in September 2007; that newscast was canceled one year later.
6. San Francisco Bay Area KRON-TV NBC (now MyNetworkTV) No Identified as NewsWatch from the late 1960s until about 1974 when KRON adopted WNBC's NewsCenter branding for local news
9. Atlanta, Georgia WAII-TV (now WXIA-TV) ABC (now NBC) No Has identified as 11 Alive News since 1984
10. Houston, Texas KHOU-TV CBS No Used as NewsWatch 11 until 1975, identified as 11 News until late-March 2011. Currently known as KHOU 11 News.
13. Tampa, Florida WFLA-TV NBC No Used from 1975-1993; Is now identified as NewsChannel 8.
Sarasota, Florida WXLT-TV, now known as WWSB ABC No Identified as TV-40 Newswatch in the 1970s. Has identified as ABC 7 News since 2004; the station is part of the Tampa market but does not serve as the Tampa metro area's ABC affiliate, which was served by WLCY/WTSP at the station's establishment, and is currently served by WFTS.
15. Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota WCCO-TV CBS No Used from 1977–1981; has identified as WCCO News since 2005
16. Miami, Florida WPLG-TV ABC No Has identified as Local 10 News since 2005
19. Mansfield, Ohio WMFD-TV Ind. No Currently identifies as WMFD NewsWatch HD
20. Sacramento, California KOVR-TV CBS No Was used for a time during its ABC days(early-mid 80's) as NewsWatch 13, currently identifies as CBS 13 News
21. St. Louis, Missouri KDNL-TV ABC No Identified as TV-30 Newswatch in the 1970s. Local newscasts ended in 2001 and will resume in late 2014.
22. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania WIIC-TV (now WPXI-TV) NBC No dropped News/Watch branding circa 1975, Channel 11 News has been use since 1985.
25. Raleigh-Durham-Fayetteville, North Carolina WKFT-TV (now WUVC-TV) Independent No Known as Newswatch 40 in the 1980s. Local newscasts ended in 1988.
29. Nashville, Tennessee WNGE-TV (now WKRN-TV) ABC No Has identified as News 2 since 1994
32. Columbus, Ohio WCMH-TV NBC No Identified as NewsWatch 4 from 1976–1992; has identified as NBC4 since 2005
32. Columbus, Ohio WOUB-TV & WOUC-TV PBS Yes Ohio University-owned PBS affiliate produces half-hour news program each weekday using the name NewsWatch
35. Milwaukee, Wisconsin WVTV The CW No Was used for newsbreaks during the 1970s and 1980s
43. Birmingham, Alabama WAPI-TV (now WVTM) NBC No Was used during the mid-1970s; identified as NBC 13 News from 1995–2010; currently identified as (Today's) WVTM 13 News
48. Jacksonville, Florida WJKS-TV (now WCWJ) ABC (now CW) No Stopped producing newscasts in late 1996 after disaffiliation from ABC
50. Memphis, Tennessee WPTY-TV (now WATN-TV) ABC No Has identified as Local 24 News since 2013
WLMT-TV CW) No Currently identifies as CW30 News Since 2010
WREG CBS No Used during the 1970s and early 1980s; has identified as Newschannel 3 since 1993
53. Providence, Rhode Island/New Bedford, Massachusetts WJAR NBC No Has identified as NBC 10 News since 2005
55. Scranton, Pennsylvania & Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania WNEP-TV ABC Yes Has been identified Newswatch 16[1] since 1968.
63. Lexington, Kentucky WTVQ-TV ABC No Identified as 62 NewsWatch from 1978–1980, while the station broadcast on channel 62; has identified as ABC 36 News since 2009
72. Des Moines, Iowa WHO-TV NBC No Identified as NewsWatch 13 from 1977–1980; has identified as Channel 13 News since 2004
74. Omaha, Nebraska KETV ABC Yes Identified as NewsWatch 7 since the mid-1970s and KETV NewsWatch 7 since 2000.
85. Champaign-Urbana/Decatur/Springfield, Illinois WEIU-TV PBS Yes Identified as News Watch since as early as 2002.
96. South Bend, Indiana WSJV Fox No Currently identifies as Fox 28 News
103. Evansville, Indiana WFIE NBC No Has used intermittently since the 1970s. Used "NewsWatch" during the late 1970s and again from 1989-94. Identified as "News Watch 14" from 1994–2006, has identified as 14 News since 2006
104. Johnstown, Pennsylvania WWCP Fox No Identified as News Watch during early years of news, then Fox 8 News before ceasing news operation in 2008.
113. Youngstown, Ohio WKBN-TV CBS No Identified Now as "WKBN 27 First News"
112. Augusta, Georgia WJBF-TV ABC No Has identified as WJBF NewsChannel 6 since 1992
119. Fargo/Grand Forks KTHI-TV (now KVLY-TV) ABC (now NBC) No Identified as TV-11 Newswatch from 1979–1983; has identified as Valley News Live since 2007
120. Eugene KMTR NBC No Now identifies as "NewsSource 16"
121. Montgomery, Alabama WNCF-TV ABC No Full-time News Operation ended in 2003. Station now broadcasts abbreviated newscasts.
122. Yakima, Washington KIMA-TV CBS No Identified as KIMA News Watch until 2007, currently identifies as KIMA Action News, sister station to KEPR
Pasco, Washington KEPR-TV CBS No Identified as KEPR News Watch until 2007, currently identifies as KEPR Action News, sister station to KIMA
129. Corpus Christi, Texas KZTV-TV CBS No Identified as "NewsWatch 10" at various points of the 1980s, 90's, and finally from 1999-2002. has identified as "Action 10 News" since 2004
140. Medford, Oregon/Klamath Falls, Oregon KDRV/KDKF ABC Yes Currently identifies as NewsWatch 12
147. Salisbury, Maryland WMDT ABC No Currently identifies as 47 ABC News
150. Erie, Pennsylvania WSEE-TV CBS No Used from 1984 to 2012. Currently identifies as SEE News
158. Bluefield, West Virginia/Beckley, West Virginia/Oak Hill, West Virginia WOAY-TV ABC Yes Identified as NewsWatch 4 until 2009; currently identifies as simply NewsWatch ( branding changed at the time of DTV transition )
160. Biloxi-Gulfport, Mississippi WLOX ABC No Identified as NewsWatch 13 during the 1980s and 1990s, has identified as WLOX News since 2006
163. Idaho Falls, Idaho/Pocatello, Idaho KIDK CBS No Identified as Newswatch 3 until 2007. Currently identifies as Channel 3 Eyewitness News
169. Clarksburg, West Virginia WBOY NBC No Now 12 News
171. Utica, New York WUTR ABC No Identified as Newswatch 20 during the 1970s. Dropped its news operation in 2003. Revived its newsroom in 2011 using a different brand.
201. St. Joseph, Missouri KQTV ABC No Identified as NewsWatch 2 and KQ2 Newswatch for decades. Currently identifies as KQ2 News
Medicine Hat, Alberta CHAT TV E! Canada No Identified as CHAT News since September 1, 2008

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