Ngāti Maru (Taranaki)

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Ngāti Maru
Iwi of New Zealand
Rohe NgatiMaru.png
Rohe (region) Taranaki
Waka (canoe) Aotea, Tokomaru, Tainui

Ngāti Maru is a Māori iwi of inland Taranaki in New Zealand. They are descended from Maruwharanui, the eldest son of Pito Haranui and his wife, Manauea. Pito Haranui belonged to an ancient Taranaki people known as the Kahui-Maru, whose genealogy predates the arrival of Toi.

Maruwharanui had three siblings. A brother, Marukōpiri, who settled at Manganui-o-te-Ao - near Raetihi, and two sisters, Mihi-Rawhiti and Hinepango. It is surmised that Maruwharanui was contemporary with the arrival of the Hawaiiki people in the 1300s. This is judged primarily by the marriages of his siblings, to Hawaiiki People. His younger brother Marukopiri married Hineue, the daughter of the famed explorer, Tamatea Pokai Whenua of the Takitimu Waka. Another sibling, Hinepango married Hotunuku who arrived aboard the Tainui Waka.

Ngati Maru are primarily descendants of Maruwharanui's daughter, Te Reimatia. She married Tamatea-Kopiri, the Grandson of Turi - the commander of the Aotea Waka. Tamatea-Kopiri was the first Aotea Child born in Aotearoa and is considered the senior male line of the Waka. Today, most of the Iwi of Ngati Maru, can trace their descent through one or more of the sons of Te Reimatia, the grandsons of Maruwharanui.

The Main Hapu of Ngati Maru (which also comprise smaller sections) are Ngati Hinemokai (includes Ngati Rongonui) Ngati Kopua (includes Ngati Tamatapui and Ngariki) Ngati Kui (includes Ngati Te Ika and Ngati Tamakehu)

Te Upoko o te Whenua Marae is the iwi's marae at Tarata.[1] Ngarongo is the name of the Whare Puni (Meeting House) and the Whare Kai (Dining Hall) is named Maruwharanui.

The Marae is located between a horse shoe bend on the Upper Waitara River.

Iwi Governance[edit]

Te Runanga o Ngati Maru (Taranaki) Trust was mandated by the tribe as the representative body of the Iwi to negotiate its historic treaty grievances. Ngati Maru signed an agreement in principle with the Crown in December 2017. The New Post Settlement Governance Entity will be known as Te Kahui Maru : Te Iwi o Maruwharanui Trust. Other representative bodies of the tribe will remain in their roles. Ngati Maru Wharanui Pukehou Trust is the body responsible for the Marae Reservation and Buildings. Ngati Maru (Taranaki) Fisheries Trust currently administers the funds derived from Ngati Maru's Fish Quota. [2] The settlement of Purangi is within their area.[1]

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