Nicolás Gutiérrez

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Nicolás Gutiérrez
Mexico 20th Governor of Alta California
In office
January 1836 – April 1836
Preceded by José Castro
Succeeded by Mariano Chico
Mexico 22nd Governor of Alta California
In office
July 1836 – November 1836
Preceded by Mariano Chico
Succeeded by José Castro
Personal details
Profession Soldier

Lieutenant Colonel Nicolás Gutiérrez was a twice acting governor of Alta California in 1836 from January to May and July to November.[1] He was the last governor of the Mexican territory of California before the Diputación (Legislature) declared independence, then later rejoined as a Mexican state.

Gutierrez served two abbreviated terms in less than a year as acting governor of Alta California in 1836.[1] His first term beginning on January 2, 1836, he served as governor ad interim until the arrival of Mariano Chico whom he preceded and subsequently succeeded after Chico's summary dismissal for abandoning his post.

Gutierrez himself was ousted by a revolt led by Juan Bautista Alvarado and assisted by a group of foreigners led by Isaac Graham, on November 5, 1836. The battle was short and surrender was secured after the firing of just one artillery round at the governor's residence. Gutierrez and his cadre of officers were detained at Cabo San Lucas on the English brig Clementine on November 11, 1836 before returning to Mexico.


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