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Nicolas Morice (born 1774) was a French navy officer. He was born Lorient.


Morice became an ensign in 1796 and rose to Lieutenant in 1803.[1] He took part in the Battle of Grand Port, where he captained the corvette Victor.

In 1810 he was promoted to Commander. He took command of the frigate Andromaque, part of a squadron raiding commerce in the Atlantic, along with the Ariane, under Jean-Baptiste-Henri Féretier. Andromaque was destroyed upon her return to Lorient after catching fire during an artillery duel with the 74-gun HMS Northumberland during the Action of 22 May 1812. Feretier and Morice were court-martialed for the loss of their ships, stripped of their rank, and forbidden from commanding a ship for three years. They were, however, quickly reintegrated.[1]

Morice was promoted to Captain 1st class in 1827.


  • Legion of Honour[1]
  • Order of Saint Louis in 1814.

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