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The Nikola Tesla Award is an honorary Satellite Award bestowed by the International Press Academy to recognize the "pioneers of filmmaking technology industry."[1] It was first presented on January 12, 2003, at the 7th Annual Golden Satellite Awards ceremony to George Lucas. Hive Lighting and its company co-founders Robert Rutherford and Jon Edward Miller are the latest recipient.

The trophy awarded to the honorees is a bust of inventor Nikola Tesla cast in bronze, on a marble base, inscribed for the recipient, it was designed by Sarajevan sculptor Dragan Radenović.[2]


Year Recipient Reason
2002 George Lucas For a lifetime of visionary filmmaking achievement and his privately held company, Lucasfilm, continues to expand frontiers in the cinematic arts[1]
2003 James Cameron For his stand-out effects and 3D lens innovations[1]
2004 Jerry Lewis For introducing video-assist and video playback techniques, which have become industry standards[1]
2005 Stan Winston For his special effects contributions to cinema[1]
2006 Richard Donner For creating special effects on the 1978 film Superman that pre-dated contemporary computer-generated images[1]
2007 Dennis Muren For his visual effects in films, especially with computer digital rendering and compositing[1]
2008 Rick Baker For his innovative make-up, prosthetics, and creature effects in films[1]
2009 Roger Deakins For his creative cinematography in films[1]
2010 Robert A. Harris For his work as film preservationist and historian[1]
2011 Douglas Trumbull For his film inventions and entrepreneurial work[3]
2012 Walter Murch For award-winning sound design and editing in films[4]
2013 Garrett Brown For visionary achievement in filmmaking technology[5]
2014 Industrial Light & Magic For setting the standard for visual effects and creating some of the most stunning images in the history of film.[1]
2015 Robert Rutherford and Jonathan Miller (Hive Lighting) For their energy efficient, full-spectrum, flicker-free plasma lighting systems.[1]
2016 John Toll For setting a new bar in the future of digital filmmaking.[6]
2017 Robert Legato For his deft atmospheric command of visual effects.[7]


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