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Nikon Museum20151104a.jpg
Established 2015 October 17
Location Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan
Type Industrial Museum
Owner Nikon Corporation
Website [1]

Nikon Museum is a museum of Nikon products, located at Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan, in the same location as the Nikon headquarters.


The Nikon Museum opened in July 2017 to commemorate Nikon's 100th anniversary. It is the first facility to showcase a number of optical products and technologies from the firm.[1] The museum occupies 580 square meters, and the displays include a range of historical Nikon cameras, microscopes, measuring instruments, and equipment for semiconductor photolithography.[1][2] The museum is the first of its type in Japan.[2] Nikon, along with Canon, have developed a range of digital cameras that has become the favorite of professionals such as news photographers, and together the two firms boasts a high share of the global market. However, the growth of the smartphone has resulted in a decline in the demand for consumer-grade digital cameras. A Nikon official summed up the museum purpose by saying "Our camera has a very strong brand power. This is a property of the Nikon Group, we have a mission to protect the brand. Precisely because such time, captures the pinch as an opportunity, we want to put out a new product that seems attractive."[2] The Museum is open on weekdays, and admission is free.

Exhibition content[edit]

A Century at Nikon 光と精密、100年の足跡
Introduce the history from its inception in 1917 to the wall.
Synthetic quartz glass ingot
Nikon will manufacture, install a large-scale synthetic quartz glass ingot to be used for the semiconductor exposure apparatus as a symbol object of the museum. Touchable.
Theater 映像と音楽で振り返るニコンの100年
To ja:和田薫 orchestra playing who led his own Wada the Symphony was composed, To screening a video that interweaves the history and products of Nikon.
Universe of Nikon ニコンがひらく世界
By using a projector and a large screen, the video of the world's tip Nikon to develop (the human body and semiconductor) can be seen.[3] To select the video by operating the track ball in front of the screen.
Lens Laboratory レンズの実験室
The photographer of supervision, low age by using the video for the layer, can experience what to do with the kind of work the lens is, the experimental space where you can enjoy regardless of age.
Spirit of Nikon 次の100年へ、受け継がれる精神
Exhibition at the origin and the optical glass and searchlights for the reflector of 100 years of the history of Nikon.
Topics exhibition
News camera, prototype camera, photo image electrical transmission equipment, binoculars, eyeglass lenses, etc. exhibition.
Nikon with visual
From "Nikon I type" to the latest digital single-lens reflex camera, display the camera and the lens of about 450 points under one roof.[3] Related episodes and technology commentary.
Nikon with industory
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment and exhibition of measurement equipment.Operating demonstration of the reduction projection type exposure apparatus used in semiconductor manufacturing is observed.
Nikon with biological and medical
Exhibit the product of health and medical fields such as microscopes and microscope.
Nikon with space
Commentary astronomical observation equipment, on-board space for the camera to the space shuttle, and optical devices that are mounted on an artificial satellite, along with the model of infrared astronomy satellite "Akari".

Exhibits and what can be taken by the camera, there is a thing impossible, in the case of the shooting can not have been an icon beside the exhibit.

Museum shop[edit]

Established a small museum shop at the entrance side.[3] Selling camera pattern playing cards, tumbler that mimics the lens, Yokan etc.


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