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NIMR Vehicle.jpg
NIMR LRSOV vehicle on a test drive.
TypeInfantry Mobility Vehicle
Place of origin United Arab Emirates
Service history
Used bySee Operators
Production history
Produced2005 - Present
No. built>1765 UAE Army

The Nimr (Arabic: نمر‎; meaning Tiger) is a family of all-terrain military armored personnel carrier (APC) vehicles, produced by Nimr LLC in the United Arab Emirates. The Nimr is designed specifically for military operations in the harsh desert climates found in the Middle East.[1]


The Nimr is a multipurpose vehicle intended to address the requirements for replacement of existing 4×4 light tactical vehicles, primarily in the Middle East and Asia.[2]

Production of the first prototype of Nimr vehicles was conducted by engineers from a subsidiary of GAZ and the first prototype of the vehicles was introduced in 2000. Further development was undertaken by Bin Jabr Group which teamed up with Rheinmetall and MBDA to incorporate air defense and anti tank defense mechanisms called NIMRAD and NIMRAT.[3] The first Nimr vehicle was unveiled to the public in IDEX 2007.[3]

In February 2009, Bin Jabr group and Tawazun Holdings set up a joint venture to produce the vehicle which was called Nimr Automotive LLC.[3]

The production facilities are located in the Tawazun Industrial Park in Abu Dhabi.[4]

In July 2012, Algeria and the United Arab Emirates signed an agreement for production of the armored vehicle in Algeria for the North African market.[5]


Lebanese Armed Forces NIMR II, an earlier variant of the NIMR vehicles.

1- AJBAN[edit]

  • AJBAN 420
  • AJBAN 440
  • AJBAN 440A (Equipped with anti-tank guided missiles)
  • AJBAN 450
  • AJBAN ISV Internal Security Vehicle
  • AJBAN LRSOV Special Operations Vehicle (SOV)

2- HAFEET[edit]

  • HAFEET Class:
  • HAFEET 620
  • HAFEET 620A Logistics and Utility Vehicle
  • HAFEET 640A Artillery Support Vehicle (Observation and Command & Control configurations)
  • HAFEET Ambulance
A damaged 4x4 NIMR JAIS restored from Saudi-led intervention in Yemen on display in IDEX 2017 with the caption of "NIMR saves lives".

3- JAIS[edit]

  • JAIS Class:
  • JAIS 4x4
  • JAIS 6x6


Map with Nimr operators in blue


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