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Nimrod Kamer
Nimrod Kamer photo by Jonklinger at Flickr.jpg
Nimrod (March 2008)
NationalityRomanian, Israeli
EducationSam Spiegel Film and Television School
GenresGonzo journalism, satire
Notable works and rolesThe Social Climber's Handbook, 2018 book

Nimrod Kamer is a satirist, comedy writer/performer and journalist based in London.

Life and career[edit]

Kamer claims to hold both Romanian and Israeli passports.[1] Kamers' public career started in Israel in 2005, as the Sudoku tutor known as "Captain Sudoku".[2] In 2006, he started writing for the Hebrew-language financial newspaper Globes under editor Roy Arad.[citation needed] He contributed to the first edition of Maayan, an Israeli arts magazine edited by Roy Arad and Joshua Simon.[3] In 2009, Kamer became social media manager of BIP, a comedy channel owned by Keshet Broadcasting. Under that channel he eventually created comedy shows Michael and I[4] and Jobless Nimrod.[5]

Moving to London in 2011, Kamer started publishing periodically in film and written form on BBC Newsnight,[6] VICE Magazine,[7] The Guardian,[8] WIRED magazine,[9] The Huffington Post,[10] London Evening Standard,[11] GQ,[12] and The Daily Dot.[13] In 2012 he began appearing as himself on UK's Channel 4 show Random Acts alongside Heydon Prowse, as well as on Russia Today news. In September 2013 he presented a Guardian show titled #Thinkfluencer[14] in association with Arte Channel.

In late 2016 Kamer began as an art editor for British GQ magazine, which lasted until the early part of 2018,[15] he has interviewed Takashi Murakami, Svetlana Marich, Kamiar Maleki and Adrian Cheng, and featured numerous graduate artists from Manchester School of Art and Goldsmiths, University of London.

On 13 July 2017, Kamer attended The Spectator summer party in Whitehall and briefly spoke to then Prime Minister Theresa May about his concerns as a Romanian passport holder residing in the UK in the wake of Brexit; the PM assured him he can stay in the country and Fraser Nelson reassured it once hearing that Kamer is also an Israeli passport holder.[1][16] From 2016 he was head of PR for Katharine Hamnett fashion brand.

Selected spoofs, satires and journalism[edit]

Kamer has made several adversarial news films alongside satirical reporting. In 2006, he visited Egypt and made a five minute clip titled Girls at the Cairo National Stadium, on how modern Egyptian football has become with many female spectators enjoying the game at the Cairo International Stadium, during one of the matches of the Africa Cup of Nations; the Daily News Egypt ran an article titled "Filming Gone Too Far?", about the ethics of filming Egyptian lady fans without permission.[17]

In April 2012, he made a series of prank videos in which he extorted celebrities vis-á-vis vandalising their Wikipedia pages.[18][19][20] In May 2012, he posed as a rich man and made "indecent proposals" to celebrities such as Kelly Brook attending the Cannes Film Festival.[21] In April 2012, he appeared in the video series produced by Don't Panic, dressed in an old lord outfit whilst arriving at the House of Lords to claim various expenses (Lords are reimbursed for expenses), he "purchased" land in Scotland, a token amount for £29.99, which presumably made him a de facto lord.[22] In October 2012, Kamer created a fake Obama Kenya birth video to highlight the "Birthers" and Donald Trump's obsession with getting an old 8mm footage of the US President alleged African birth.[23][24]

During 2013 he created a fake TED Talk with Billie JD Porter to ridicule the TED apparatus and satirise individuals and companies who use Wikipedia for profit, it was embedded on Gawker.[25][26] In March 2013 he reported on the new "finger hashtag" in Wired magazine;[27] also in 2013, Kamer filed a Russia Today report, where he asked West Bank Settlers about sweet real estate deals for Jews only.[28]

In June 2014, Nimrod Kamer joined Katharine Hamnett to perform a stunt outside Hackney Town Hall, aiming to make Hackney Mayor Jules Pipe ban all Monsanto round-up herbicides being used in the borough.[29] In July 2014, Kamer travelled to Nassau to investigate a leak by Edward Snowden that suggested the NSA are listening to phone calls made in the Bahamas, he spoke with local ministers, parliament members and attended a local Freedom of Information rally.[30][31] In December 2014, Business Insider,[32] as well as the Daily Mail[33] reported on Kamer's satirical quest to become the worst rated passenger in Uber's history.

Other works[edit]

In November 2015, Kamer and German novelist Delilah Jay released a song titled It's A Boy with the hope of representing the United Kingdom in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Eurovision news source Wiwibloggs published the story.[34] Kamer is also hosting The Golden News Shower on Fair Planet, directed by William Pime and commissioned by Joseph Reich.[35]

In 2018, Kamer published a 133-page book The Social Climber's Handbook: A Shameless Guide (BIS Publishing) with illustrations by Charlie Behrens (son of Timothy Behrens).[36]


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