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Chullpas at Ninamarca
Ninamarca is located in Peru
Shown within Peru
Location Peru
Region Cusco Region
Coordinates 13°23′30″S 71°37′19″W / 13.39167°S 71.62194°W / -13.39167; -71.62194Coordinates: 13°23′30″S 71°37′19″W / 13.39167°S 71.62194°W / -13.39167; -71.62194
Cultures pre-Inca

Ninamarca (possibly from Quechua nina fire, marka village, "fire village")[1] is an archaeological site in Peru.[1] It is located in the Cusco Region, Paucartambo Province, Colquepata District, southeast of Colquepata near the village of Ninamaca.[2][3] There are about 30 chullpas of pre-Inca times situated on top of a mountain at about 3,000 m.[4]


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