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Ninestiles School An Academy
Hartfield Crescent

West Midlands
B27 7QG

Coordinates52°26′21″N 1°49′56″W / 52.4393°N 1.8323°W / 52.4393; -1.8323Coordinates: 52°26′21″N 1°49′56″W / 52.4393°N 1.8323°W / 52.4393; -1.8323
MottoCarpe Diem
Local authorityBirmingham
Department for Education URN136406 Tables
Head teacherAlex Hughes
Age11 to 16
HousesWater, Air, Fire and Earth
Colour(s)White polo shirt & Black Jumper with logo. Black trousers/skirt. White shirt, Ninestiles tie & black blazer with logo.

Ninestiles School An Academy is a secondary school with academy status that is situated in Acocks Green, Birmingham, England. It is a mixed comprehensive academy with 1,400 students, including 60 in the sixth form;[1] the current co-headteachers are Alex Hughes and Andrea Stephens.


It part of the Summit Learning Trust; the school was granted Technology College status in 1997 and became a foundation school in 1999. The school became an academy in 2011.

Ninestiles School is also connected with Fox Hollies Leisure Centre, giving the school access to a swimming pool, squash and badminton facilities, an astroturf pitch and a large field generally used for rugby, cricket and other outdoor sports.


The school was previously known as Harrison Barrow Grammar School for Girls and Hartfield Crescent. In 2003 a new building was built onto the site of Ninestiles, known as the ICT and Business Studies Block; the Building came into use for 2004, providing more ICT and Business Study Rooms.

In 2005, the school changed the length of its lessons to two and a half hours apiece. This, five years later was changed to one hour forty minutes to allow students to cope better with the lesson being shorter, therefore this would also make it easier for teachers not having to plan lessons as long; the change required some adaptation on the part of the school's faculty, including rotating subjects and planning extended trips. In 2016 the length of lessons were changed to one hour and fifteen minutes, allowing for there to be 4 lessons and for it to be easier for teachers to plan lessons.[2]

At the beginning of the 2008-2009 school term, Ninestiles School changed to a system in which pupils from different year groups were placed in the same forms, they were split into six "colleges" called Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green and Purple to represent the colours of the rainbow.[citation needed] The school has said that this will be an effective way for pupils to bond with other students of different ages, and also have the older students helping the younger ones.[citation needed] Additional upgrades to the school include a bigger student support Centre, new carpets, walls and furniture.[citation needed] In 2007, the school introduced Challenge Week(know known as activities week), an end-of-year event in which students have an opportunity to participate in trips and activities. In 2009 a new feature was introduced, TAG (talents, gifts and abilities); this gives students an opportunity to participate in a new activity that they haven't tried before or to take part in an activity that they enjoy. TAG no longer takes place since 2014.[citation needed]

The school is also partially selective by means of an entrance examination. 10% of places are given to children who have academic ability. Students are drawn from a wide area and the school is heavily over-subscribed.[1]

Ninestiles colleges[edit]

There are four colleges within the school; each college comprises approximately sixteen classes, each of which contains approximately 15 students and a form tutor. Internal and external competitions are run which involve the colleges, it is called the ICC (inter-college competition) The colleges are: Fire, Water, Air and Earth, with the rename from the colours to the elements happening in the 2017/2018 school year.

Two other colleges had existed until 2012, but due to a refurbishment of the school, it was decided that only four colleges should stand; the remaining four colleges represent each faculty at Ninestiles: Fire represents the essentials faculty, Earth represent the discovery faculty; Water represents the creativity & performance faculty and Air represents the humanities faculty. The two colleges that were removed were orange and purple college; the ICC was stopped at the end of the 2012-13 term.


In October 2018, Ninestiles Secondary School provoked concern after it announced that students would be banned from talking in designated "quiet" areas. News of the rule change was explained in a letter sent to parents; the letter explained that students would be required to remain silent while moving "to and from assembly, at lesson changeover and towards communal areas at break and lunch”.[3] The rule was justified on the grounds that the policy would ensure children arrived "calmly and ready to learn".


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