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Nipissing District

Nipissing District is a district in Northeastern Ontario in the Canadian province of Ontario. It was created in 1858; the district seat is North Bay. In 2016, the population was 83,150; the land area is 17,103.52 square kilometres. The Sudbury District was created in 1894 from townships of eastern Algoma District and west Nipissing District; the Timiskaming District was created in 1912 from parts of Algoma and Sudbury districts. North Bay Mattawa Temagami West NipissingIn addition, the eastern part of the town of Kearney is within Nipissing District, but the entire town is enumerated with the Parry Sound District. Bonfield Calvin Chisholm East Ferris Mattawan Papineau-Cameron South Algonquin North Part South PartLocal services boards in these unorganized areas include: Redbridge Thorne Tilden Lake Bear Island 1 Nipissing 10 Census divisions of Ontario List of townships in Ontario

100 People, 100 Songs

100 People, 100 Songs was a 2014 South Korean singing competition program presented by Kim Sung-joo, Jang Yun-jeong and Moon Hee-joon. It aired on JTBC from October 31, 2014 to September 27, 2015. There are a total of 100 people in the audience as there are a total of 100 songs that are each given a number; when a contestant chooses a number, she/he has to sing the song associated with that number. The song starts off with a selected member of the audience singing the beginning of the song before the contestant continues singing the song with the lyrics jumbled up on the screen. If the contestant manages to sing the song and clears the screen, the screen shows "CLEAR" and they win that round; when competing as a duo, the person who gets the song incorrectly will eliminate his/her partner from competing the remaining member must pass the one-chance revival test before continuing on. N Ken Wendy Seulgi Sandeul Solji Hani Minah K. Will Lee Tae-il Huh Gak Kim Seul Gi Jang Yoon Jung Soyou Changmin Jinwoon Kyuhyun Kim Tae Woo Park Ji-min Min Kim Yeonji Son Seung-yeon Choa Baek A-yeon Kim Feel DIA Wheein Hwasa Chunji Lizzy Raina Official website Korean Wikipedia

Monsieur Stigmonus

Monsieur Stigmonus is a DC Comics supervillain. Created by J. M. DeMatteis and Ryan Sook, he first appeared in The Spectre Vol. 4, #6. Monsieur Stigmonus first appeared in the pages of The Spectre, during a three-part story entitled "The Redeemer", which featured Hal Jordan in the role of the Spirit of Vengeance, a role he was coming to terms with. Under the influence of writer J. M. DeMatteis, Jordan was questioning the need for vengeance from an all-loving God and became more a Spirit of Redemption. However, he needed a foil to counter this developing belief structure and Stigmonus became said nemesis. Ryan Sook provided the look of Stigmonus, a pale white humanoid with a black goatee, yin/yang encased on his forehead, dressed in the high fashion of the 18th century. Monsieur Stigmonus appeared out of nowhere and started tormenting the Spectre Hal Jordan, trying to figure out his place in the universe. Jordan was trying to resist the Logoz's need for wrath and vengeance, learning to develop an understanding that humanity may be in more need of a Spirit of Redemption than a Spirit of Vengeance.

During this critical point of Jordan's new role, Stigmonus emerged to cast doubt on this new point of view. Stigmonus showed Jordan examples of humanity's cruelty and selfishness as if to make the point that it isn’t worth saving, he mocked Jordan's belief that he could make a difference and pointed out that Jesus was crucified. Jordan, still doubting a great deal in himself, the Presence, his duty, reverted to his old ways as a human Green Lantern and fought with Stigmonus. After defeating him, Jordan sought the advice and wisdom of the Risen. Meanwhile, quite fine, initiated the next step in pushing Hal Jordan to see his perspective, he visited Helen Jordan, Hal's niece, took her on a cosmic trip, explaining to her the unfairness of life, the universe, everything. Jack Jordan and Jan Jordan, Helen's parents and Hal's brother and sister-in-law, discovered their daughter's disappearance and frantically went in search of her. Hal confronted him. Stigmonus showed Hal two possible futures for Helen: one in which she would grow to be “The Redeemer”, a being who would “lead this planet out of misery and into the Golden Age”, another in which, one way or another, “she’ll come to a tragic end,” depicted as being by her own hand.

Stigmonus offered Jordan a wager in which they’d both try to push young Helen toward the path they preferred and they’d find out which one she succumbed to. Hal refused to play games with his niece's life, but Stigmonus claimed he’d started playing. Jack and Helen were driving in a car and trying to find their daughter. Stigmonus appeared in the middle of the road. Jack twisted the steering wheel and the car spun out of control. “I love you, Jan” he cried. “I love y-“ Jan replied as they crashed into a freight truck. The two of them died shortly thereafter. Hal Jordan discovered this as they lay in their hospital beds and vowed vengeance upon Monsieur Stigmonus. Becoming a hideous monstrosity, Jordan attempted to make Stigmonus suffer, but realized that it only made his power grow, it was that Jordan understood that Stigmonus was a reflection of pain, doubt and hopelessness and that the only way to fight such things was to counter them with hope, goodness and forgiveness. Jordan said, “I could thank you, Stigmonus – for pushing me so far.

I see now… that I had to become you in order to transcend you.” He attempted to show Stigmonus yet another future, one of bliss and infinite potential. "The future doesn't have to be the abyss. Give humankind a chance… give yourself a chance; this is. To dream our highest dreams,” he tried to explain, but Stigmonus was unable to view the paradise. Due to his existence, Stigmonus could only see the dystopia and hopelessness of reality, and so, Jordan left him there in that alternate realm to “laugh” at him for all eternity. As Hal Jordan grew to become a true Spirit of Redemption, Monsieur Stigmonus proved to not be the gullible fool the Spectre would believe him to be, he pretended to stay put in his world of despair, but secretly escaped beyond Jordan's notice and began to plot his next move. Deep within the Spectre's temple, Hal Jordan discovered a door; this was not unusual, as his temple was a part of his psyche and changing, but this particular door seemed strange and tempting. As Hal approached it, he became engulfed by it and was sucked away from his ordinary plane of existence, landing in another world, another universe, where he never became Green Lantern, but instead married Carol Ferris and became a businessman for Ferris Aircraft following his retirement as a test pilot.

His family, unaffected by his adventures as Green Lantern, was alive and happy. It appeared that Coast City was not destroyed in this alternate reality. Upon appearing in this illusion, Hal seemed to forget his other life entirely. Meanwhile, Stigmonus resurrected the being known as Sinestro, Hal Jordan's greatest enemy during his time as a Green Lantern, he had rehabilitated Sinestro to health, and, most will. Together, they attacked a female form of the Spectre, watching over Jordan's temple and young Helen However, with the “prime” Spectre lost in a wo

Hell's Kitchen (American season 6)

Season 6 of the American competitive reality television series Hell's Kitchen began airing on the Fox Network on July 21, 2009 and concluded on October 13, 2009. Despite suffering a fractured wrist early in the competition, Executive Chef Dave Levey won the season and was awarded a Head Chef position under Executive Chef James Walt at the Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, British Columbia, the first time the prize was a position at a Canadian restaurant. Despite the competition starting with 16 contestants as normal, Robert Hesse, who withdrew from season 5 due to health problems, was added at the end of the first dinner service, marks the second season which featured an odd number of contestants after season 4 with 15; the first half of each episode consists of a team challenge, in which the winning side gets a reward of some sort of leisure activity, while the losing side has to clean up and prepare both kitchens, as well as some activity, not so pleasant. Afterwards, the teams compete in executing a dinner service, during which Ramsay can impose additional punishments or kick chefs out of the kitchen.

The losing team nominates chefs to be considered for elimination. Ramsay can nominate chefs, sends a chef home. At six chefs left, the teams merge to one, the chefs compete as individuals. Gordon Ramsay returned as the head chef, blue team sous chef Scott Leibfried, Maître d' Jean-Philippe Susilovic as well. Heather West, the winner of Season 2, became the new sous chef for the red team, she replaced Gloria Félix, the sous-chef for the previous two seasons; the chefs appear in a Hell's Kitchen style carnival. A second version was shown from episode 2 onwards featuring Robert taking the place of Dave who now appears before Tennille. Sixteen chefs began the competition, were joined by a seventeenth, Robert Hesse from the previous season, after the first dinner service, marks the second season to feature an odd number of contestants after season 4. Notes Each week, the best member from the losing team during the latest service period is asked to nominate two of their teammates for elimination. On some weeks, there is a variation in the nomination process, depending on the losing team's performance.

Notes Each episode consists of a challenge with a service and an elimination. Official website Araxi Restaurant


DWGV, broadcasting as GV 99.1, is a music FM radio station owned by Apollo Broadcast Investors. The station is operated under GV Radios Network Corporation which operates its sister AM station GVAM 792; the station's studio are located at the 4th Floor, PG Building, McArthur Highway, Barangay Balibago and its transmitter is located at Royal Golf And Country Club, Pampanga. It operates daily from 5:00 AM to 12:00 MN, except Holy Week of each year where it signs off at midnight of Maundy Thursday until 5:00 AM of Easter Sunday. GV 99.1 is available via Cignal channel 306. DWGV-FM signed on November 7, 1983 by GV Broadcasting System under the foundation of Emmanuel "Manoling" Galang, a licensed Electronics and Communications Engineer. Intended as a training background for the students of Galang Technical Institute, it became Angeles City's center of information for Central Luzon. GV produced programs for most prominent personalities such as Ted Failon, Erwin Tulfo, Daniel Razon among others. GV's broadcast franchise under Republic Act 8169 was granted in 1995, was amended in 1998 allowing GV expanded its broadcast operations nationwide.

A second GV station was launched in Galang's native hometown province Batangas, followed by an AM station in Angeles. Other stations were applied and approved by NTC; until the GV FM 99.1 brand and its "Drive Radio" tagline were used until 2012 when the "FM" suffix was dropped and rechristened as GV 99.1 with a new slogan "Your Good Vibes". In 2007, GV Broadcasting was acquired by MediaQuest Holdings, Inc. a media conglomerate owned by the PLDT's Beneficial Trust Fund, with the Galangs became part of the said firm. Since GV Broadcasting was renamed as Mediascape Inc. GV 99.1 became available nationwide on Mediascape's own DTH satellite service Cignal TV since its launch in 2009. In 2009, management and operations of GV radio stations were transferred to a new entity Metro City Media Services before merging with cable TV operations of Apollo Global Corporation and became Apollo Broadcast Investors, with GV Radios Network Corporation operates the Pampanga stations. GV 99.1 earned the 4th and 5th Paragala Central Luzon Media Awards as Best Local Radio Station in Central Luzon.

It was nominated as Best FM Station-Provincial at the 20th KBP Golden Dove Awards in 2011

Sakawa Station

Sakawa Station is a railway station on the Dosan Line in Sakawa, Takaoka District, Kōchi Prefecture, Japan. It is operated by JR Shikoku and has the station number "K13"; the station is served by JR Shikoku's Dosan Line and is located 154.2 km from the beginning of the line at Tadotsu. In addition to the local trains of the Dosan Line, the following limited express services stop at Sakawa Station: Nanpū - Okayama to Kōchi and Sukumo Shimanto - Takamatsu to Kōchi and Sukumo Ashizuri - Kōchi to Nakamura and Sukumo The station consists of two opposed side platforms serving three tracks. A station building houses a waiting room and a JR ticket window as well as a tourist information centre set up by the local municipality. Access to the platform opposite the station building is by a level crossing. A footbridge spans the tracks, allowing access to the station front entrance from the main road on the other side of the tracks. Parking lots are provided; the station opened on 30 March 1924 when the Kōchi Line was constructed from Susaki to Kusaka.

At this time the station was operated by Japanese Government Railways becoming Japanese National Railways. With the privatization of JNR on 1 April 1987, control of the station passed to JR Shikoku. On 4 March 2017, Sakawa town authorities opened a tourist information centre inside the station building using space offered by JR Shikoku; the centre, unstaffed, features a custom-built information terminal about Sakawa town and brochures, educational displays as well as a model of a local historic building. List of railway stations in Japan Sakawa Station