No Strings (I'm Fancy Free)

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"No Strings (I'm Fancy Free)" is a popular song written by Irving Berlin for the 1935 film Top Hat, where it was introduced by Fred Astaire. In the film, the character played by Astaire is advised to get married and Astaire responds by saying he prefers to remain as a bachelor and he launches into this song and a major dance routine.(Top_Hat#Musical_numbers_and_choreography)


In me, you see a youth
Who is completely on the loose
No yens, no yearnings

No strings and no connections
No ties to my affections
I'm fancy free and free for anything fancy

No dates that can't be broken
No words that can't be spoken
Especially when I am feeling romancy

Like a robin upon a tree
Like a sailor that goes to sea
Like an unwritten melody
I'm free, that's me

So bring on the big attraction
My decks are cleared for action
I'm fancy free and free for anything fancy[1]

Notable recordings[edit]


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