No quiero escuchar

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Spain "No quiero escuchar"
Eurovision Song Contest 1999 entry
Fernando Rodríguez Fernández,
Alejandro Piqueras Ramírez
Carlos López González,
Adolfo Carmona Zamarreño,
Fernando Rodríguez Fernández,
Alejandro Piqueras Ramírez
Finals performance
Final result
Final points
Appearance chronology
◄ "¿Qué voy a hacer sin ti?" (1998)   
"Colgado de un sueño" (2000) ►

"No quiero escuchar" (Spanish pronunciation: [no ˈkjeɾo eskuˈtʃaɾ], "I Don't Want to Listen") was the Spanish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in the year 1999, sung in Spanish by Lydia.

For her Eurovision appearance, 19-year-old Lydia wore a much-maligned dress designed by Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada,[1] made up of vertical stripes in the colours of the rainbow. By contrast, her four backing singers were dressed entirely in black.

The song was performed 3rd, following Belgium's Vanessa Chinitor with "Like The Wind" and preceding Croatia's Doris Dragović with "Marija Magdalena", and finished 23rd (last), with only one point, awarded by Croatia. Spain did not have to sit out next year's contest, however, because, along with the UK, France and Germany, they were one of the four greatest contributors to the Contest. Thus, the song was succeeded as Spanish representative at the 2000 Contest by Serafín Zubiri singing "Colgado de un sueño".

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