Tuglow River

The Tuglow River, a perennial river, part of the Hawkesbury-Nepean catchment, is located in the Central Tablelands region of New South Wales, Australia. The Tuglow River rises on the eastern slopes of the Great Dividing Range south of Shooters Hill, flows south southeast and northeast, before reaching its confluence with the Kowmung River, near its junction with the Hollanders River; the river descends 229 metres over its 22-kilometre course. In its lower reaches, the river adjoins Nattai National Park. List of rivers of Australia List of rivers of New South Wales Rivers of New South Wales

Jamie King (producer)

Jamie King is an award-winning filmmaker and activist best known for directing Steal This Film, a documentary that observes intellectual property in favour of P2P filesharing. He is the founder of VODO, an innovative online crossmedia distribution project for film, games and music. Ted Hope described King as one of the "great free thinkers of Indie film." He is host of the podcast STEAL THIS SHOW, produced in conjunction with TorrentFreak. Jamie King studied at the University of Southampton, where he received a PhD for his thesis, "The Cultural Construction of Cyberspace", he was an original member of the Mute editorial team and served as both Information politics editor and deputy editor. In 2003, he served as convenor of the Counter-Summit to the World Summit on Information Society. During this time, he published a column on the development of online culture for ITN and Channel 4 News. In 2006 he produced one of the most downloaded film documentaries to date. In the following year, he produced and directed Steal This Film 2 and Steal This Film “Spectrial Edition”.

In 2009 he founded VODO, a media distribution and attention-sourcing network for independent artists. VODO has distributed prominent projects including The Yes Men Fix The World, Pioneer One, Zeitgeist. VODO has generated millions of dollars in revenue using free-sharing distribution and voluntary payment models. King has delivered lectures and keynotes at various events and top-tier universities worldwide, he has published fiction, academic articles, as well as numerous articles in international media including The Times, The Guardian, the Telegraph, others. He served. Part of his film work has been featured in the Oscar-nominated film The Internet's Own Boy. King hosts a podcast produced in conjunction with TorrentFreak titled Steal This Show, he continues to work in other peer-to-peer distribution-related projects