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Noor Hassan

Noor Hassan is a Pakistani model and director. He has acted in Pakistani television drama serials, including Aseerzadi, Maat, Mah-e-Tamam, Ladies Park and many others. Before acting he was a ramp model for Pakistani designers and appeared in TV adverts for local and international brands in the country, he has started directing. He is best known for his role of Villain Protagonist Khizer in the Pakistani TV serial Humsafar and the savior Hadeed in drama serial Maat. He's been given 1st Hum Awards for drama serial Humsafar. Aseer Zadi another mega hit of 2013, where he played the lead role by the name of Peerzada Shahaab became the new sensation amongst masses, he was appreciated for his strong acting skills and powerful moments with the likes of Sania Saeed, Salman Shahid and Sakina Sammo. The drama was a major hit internationally, he was appreciated by the Pakistani community all across the world following this drama by the Mayor of The City of Paris, Texas. He was given the official certificate of appreciation by the mayor.

Shanakht produced by Moomal Production, aired on Hum TV turned out to be one of the few hits in 2014. The character Hashim, is all about finding his identitythrough the journey of life, he hosted the Red Carpet and the Making of 1st Hum Awards 2013. Muqaddas is one of Hassan's dramas where is he best known as Aatir. Hassan started his career as Power99 Islamabad at an early age, he stepped into the world of televisione when he was asked to host live music shows for Channel 3, PTV and ATV, Pakistan. His contribution as a host included a live music video request show, called Most Wanted, Music Masti, used to come on air on PTV, Weekend with Hassan on PTV and Boom on Line on ATV; the most popular amongst all the show was Boom On Live on ATV for which he won the ATV Public Award for Best VJ Live Show as well. He left the country for some time to finish his studies in London. After getting his master's degree he moved to Karachi. Karachi is the entertainment hub of Pakistan. After moving there he joined a music channel called The Musik known as ARY Musik.

Two of his well-known shows were On The IQ Show. He worked there for about a year, he commenced his journey to the land of acting. Hassan is set to making his film debut in Shoaib Khan's upcoming 2017 film'100 Crore' where he will play the lead male character opposite lead female Sanam Chaudhry. Best VJ for Boom On Live in 1st Atv Public Awards Humtv Award for Khizar in Humsafar Channel 3 Live Transmission Most Wanted Weekend with Hassan Music Masti Boom On Live On Campus The IQ Show He hosted 1st Hum Awards red carpet and it's making with his co-host Sohai Ali Abro. List of Pakistani actors List of people from Lahore Rizvi Hassan on IMDb

Seri Wangnaitham

Seri Wangnaitham was a Thai choreographer and performer of Thai traditional dance. Seri was considered a master khon dancer, regarded as Thailand's highest performing art form, he was an actor, director, songwriter and television producer. He was named a National Artist in 1988. Seri was born in Bangkok, Thailand the son of Leu and Sa-nga Wangnaitham, he was educated in the Thailand Fine Arts Department's College of Dramatic Arts, in 1954 joined the department as a musical artist. He became head of the music division, he received a scholarship to study fine arts at the University of Hawaii from 1962 to 1965. In 1988, he was named a National Artist for performing arts. Among Seri's works was the television variety show, Srisuk Nattakham, which ran for 13 years, he produced the educational program, Singkhuanroo Kon Doo Khon in 1972, which served as an introduction to khon for a new generation of Thais. He was a regular performer at important cultural events, including a khon performance by 2,526 dancers in Sanam Luang to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Rattanakosin Kingdom.

Among his works was an adaptation of Thailand's national epic, the Ramayana, Ramayana Epic: the Incarnation of Rama, with 150 performers at the National Theater in 2005. In his years, Seri suffered from heart disease and emphysema, prompting occasional hospital stays, he died at Mission Hospital after being admitted a day earlier while suffering from exhaustion following a trip to Rama II Park in Amphawa, Samut Songkhram Province. Royal-sponsored funeral rites were held at Wat Tritossathep presided over by Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn

Fuller Brush Company

The Fuller Brush Company sells branded and private label products for personal care as well as commercial and household cleaning. It was founded in 1906 by Alfred Fuller. Consolidated Foods, now Sara Lee Corporation, acquired Fuller Brush in 1968. In 1991, the company was placed in private ownership but, in 1994, it became a subsidiary of CPAC Inc. which from 2007–2012 was owned by the private equity group Buckingham Capital Partners. From December 2012 through Dec 2017, the Fuller Brush Company was owned and operated by David Sabin and Victory Park Capital. Since January 2018, the Fuller Brush Company has been owned and operated by Galaxy Brush LLC, located in Lakewood, New Jersey. Alfred Carl Fuller began what was to become Fuller Brush Company in a basement shop in Somerville, Massachusetts. In 1906, he moved to Hartford and founded the company; the company began with door-to-door sales of brushes of various sorts, including hairbrushes with a lifetime guarantee for which they are famous. In 1931, the establishment of the first of what became known as the Green River Ordinance led Fuller Brush to challenge the ordinance's limits on door-to-door sales.

S. Supreme Court, where on March 1, 1937 it dismissed the appeal "for want of a substantial federal question."In the mid 1930s, Fuller relocated from rented space on Union Place across from the New Haven RR station, to a purpose-built sprawling three-story brick factory and office complex on the north edge of Hartford, at 3580 Main St. World War II saw the company "cut its normal civilian output drastically to make brushes for the cleaning of guns". Fuller's son, Howard Fuller, became president of the company in 1943. After the war, Fuller added Daggett & Ramsdell, Inc.'s Débutante Cosmetics to its line of products, sold by a sales force of women, a strategy resurrected after a wartime attempt to have "Fullerettes" sell their core products. Fuller had evidence that women could succeed at sales since Stanley Beveridge, who had left his position as Fuller's sales vice president in 1929, had by 1949 employed women as "dealers" to grow sales at his own company, Stanley Home Products, to $35 million, exceeding Fuller's sales for the first time.

Fuller's oldest son Howard succeeded his father as president, serving until he and his wife Dora died in an auto crash in May, 1959. In 1959, Avard Ells Fuller, 44, the founder's younger son, became Fuller Brush's president. Having long outgrown the Hartford location, in 1960 the company moved to a new, purpose-built campus on Long Hill St. East Hartford, Conn; that year, Alfred C. Fuller published his autobiography "A Foot In the Door". In 1966, Fuller Brush hired 17,500 women, motivated by the lack of qualified men and the example set by Avon Products. Consolidated Foods, now Sara Lee Corporation, acquired Fuller Brush in 1968. Office operations moved to Niles, Illinois relocated along with manufacturing and research to Great Bend, Kansas in 1973. By 1985, all of the company's sales were still generated door-to-door. By the mid-1980s, however, in recognition of the decrease in the number of women at home during the day, Fuller Brush began introducing other sales channels beyond door-to-door; this included a mail-order catalog that sent out 10 million catalogs a year, several outlet stores selling "slow-selling items, returned merchandise or flawed goods".

By mid-1989, 35% of that year's estimated $160 million in sales came from catalogs, with another 5% coming from its stores. That same year, a group of investors from Kansas headed by Lee Turner, a trial lawyer, took Fuller private. In June 1994, once again known as Fuller Brush Company, was acquired by CPAC Inc. a Leicester, New York-based manufacturer of photographic chemicals. In 2007, CPAC Inc. was acquired by Buckingham Capital Partners in a leveraged buyout. In February, 2012, Fuller Brush Company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In December, 2012, Victory Park Capital and CEO, David Sabin, bought the iconic American company out of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy; the headquarters were moved from Kansas to Napa, California. In January of 2018, Galaxy Brush of Lakewood, New Jersey, purchased the name of Fuller Brush, including all trademarks and patents. Galaxy Brush, now doing business as Fuller Brush acquired the iconic and famous name brand and trademarks of Stanley Home Products. Galaxy Brush has since returned Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products manufacturing back to their respective roots in Great Bend, Kansas where many of the original products were made.

Galaxy Brush has modernized the nostalgic brands of Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products with a considerable social media presence. The main factory for the Fuller Brush Company was located in East Hartford, during the 1960s, where Fuller's son Avard ran the company, it had moved from Hartford on the other side of the Connecticut River some years earlier. In front of the East Hartford plant was a large glass case with a large stuffed boar to represent the boar hair used in some of the original Fuller brushes; the Research Division was there, led by Hank Whitman, along with the plastics molding operation. Fuller had a "private label" division, Charter Products, that sold duplicate products under other b

2016–17 NC State Wolfpack women's basketball team

The 2016–17 NC State Wolfpack women's basketball team represents North Carolina State University during the 2016–17 NCAA Division I women's basketball season. The Wolfpack, led by fourth-year head coach Wes Moore, return to play their home games at Reynolds Coliseum after a one year of renovation and were members of the Atlantic Coast Conference, they finished the season 12 -- 4 in ACC play to finish in a tie for fourth place. They lost in the quarterfinals of the ACC Women's Tournament to Louisville, they received at-large bid of the NCAA Women's Tournament where they defeated Auburn in the first round before losing to Texas in the second round. WKNC acts as the home for Wolfpack women's basketball. Patrick Kinas and Rachel Stockdale provide the call for the games. ESPN and the ACC RSN will televise select Wolfpack games during the season. All non-televised home conference games will be shown on ESPN3 using the radio broadcasters for the call. Source

Cylindropuntia leptocaulis

Cylindropuntia leptocaulis, the desert Christmas cactus, desert Christmas cholla, or tasajillo, is a cactus. Cylindropuntia leptocaulis is distributed in deserts, grasslands and woodlands in the Southwestern United States and several states in Northern Mexico; the shrubby Cylindropuntia leptocaulis plants reach.5 to 1.8 m tall, reaching the extreme height when supported within desert trees. Branches are narrow, 3–5 mm across. Spines 0-1 at each areole. Flowers are pale yellow or greenish yellow, with occasional red tips. Around December, the plant grows red berries; the fruits are crushed and mixed with a beverage by the Apache and Mescalero to produce narcotic effects. Cylindropuntia leptocaulis photo gallery at Opuntia Web

Shivaji of Thanjavur

Raja Shivaji of the Bhonsle dynasty of Thanjavur in India, was the son of Raja Serfoji II and ruled the fortress of Thanjavur and its surroundings from 1832 to 1855. He was the last Raja of Thanjavur known to wield any authority. Raja Shivaji was the only surviving son of Serfoji II when the latter died in 1832; the missionary Heber describes the young Shivaji as a'pale and sickly child'. However, his health seemed to have got better as he grew up for he is known for his physical and mental attainments, he gave many useful books. One Varahappaiyar prepared the catalogue for all the manuscripts in the library, but Shivaji is known for the incident related to the'arrest' of the Kanchi mutt. The earrings of the goddess Akhilandeswari in the Jambukeshwarar Temple were replaced with new ones in 1843-44; therefore the Kanchi mutt based in Kumbakonam, shifted to Trichy with all its retinue in order to conduct a Tatanka-Pratishta ceremony for consecration of the earrings. However a lawsuit delayed the proceedings and the court case along with the ceremonies that followed incurred such heavy debts on the part of the Mutt that they were unable to return to Kumbakonam.

At this juncture, the administrator-in-charge of the ceremonies, a young Brahmin, went to the court of Shivaji and requested that the retinue be allowed to stop at Thanjavur to receive donations from the people. However the Raja staunchly refused; as the palanquin of the Shankaracharya and his retinue were making their way to Kumbakonam, they were stopped on the banks of the Cauvery at Thiruvaiyaru by the Raja's sepoys, who surrounded them and respectfully escorted them into the city of Thanjavur. At Thanjavur, they were accorded a royal reception by the citizens of Thanjavur, it was said that the Raja had had a dream a few nights before in which Lord Shiva had appeared and ordered him to render due honors to the Mutt. This incident is referred to as the'Arrest' of the Kanchi Mutt. Raja Shivaji died on 29 October 1855 after a reign of 22 years. On the death of Shivaji, due to the absence of a legitimate heir to the throne, the kingdom was annexed by the British East India Company as per the Doctrine of lapse.

Bhonsle Maratha Empire List of Maratha dynasties and states Thanjavur Maratha kingdom Raja Shivaji in Saraswathi Mahal Library website The Episode of the'Arrest' of the Kanchi Mutt