The Nordderby or North derby is a match between Hamburger SV and Werder Bremen, the two most successful and popular clubs in Northern Germany. The Hamburger SV plays its matches at the Volksparkstadion. Meanwhile, Werder Bremen was founded in 1899 with Weserstadion as its home ground. Beyond football, there is a rivalry between the cities of Hamburg and Bremen, which are only separated by a hundred kilometers and they are the two biggest metropolises in this part of the country; the game was first contested in 1927 with HSV recording a 4-1 away win. Since the founding of the Bundesliga in 1963, the match has been held twice every season, except in 1980–81, because Werder had been relegated to the 2. Bundesliga in the previous season. To date, 152 games have been contested with Werder holding a slight lead of 57 wins to HSV's 53. 42 games have ended in a draw. The pinnacle of the rivalry came in 2009. Two of the four matches came in European competition at the semi-final stage of the last-ever edition of the UEFA Cup.

After losing 1-0 at home in the first leg, Werder won 3-2 in Hamburg to advance to the final on away goals. Results since the formation of Bundesliga in 1963. Overall match statistics. * Cup game finished 1–1 after 120 minutes, won by Werder Bremen on penalties. Table correct as of 24 February 2018. Hamburger SV official website Werder Bremen official website German football statistics and information

Baltimore Airpark

Baltimore Airpark Quinn Airport, is a former airport located in Perry Hall, Maryland The airport was named after Perry Hall grading contractor Frank Quinn, who excavated the 1800 ft field in the early 1950s. The first aircraft to land at the strip was a J-3 Cub. In 1967 Earl and Betsy Mace purchased the airfield renaming it the Baltimore Airpark. At its peak in the 1970s, 40 aircraft were based on the field. Phoenix aviation operated a flight school onsite; the 60 acre field was under pressure to be developed with offers of up to a million dollars for the land. Baltimore county rezoned the land as part of the Honeygo growth zone. Attempts were made to lease the property to the Baltimore County Aviation unit, which moved to Martin State Airport, it was closed and sold for a housing development in 2001. Two hangars were constructed on the property. An on-field fire destroyed 3 aircraft on 17 January 1962

Tree of Life Web Project

The Tree of Life Web Project is an Internet project providing information about the diversity and phylogeny of life on Earth. This collaborative peer reviewed project began in 1995, is written by biologists from around the world; the site has not been updated since 2011, however the pages are still accessible. The pages are linked hierarchically, in the form of the branching evolutionary tree of life, organized cladistically; each page contains information about one particular group of organisms and is organized according to a branched tree-like form, thus showing hypothetical relationships between different groups of organisms. In 2009 the project ran into funding problems from the University of Arizona. Pages and Treehouses submitted took a longer time to be approved as they were being reviewed by a small group of volunteers, around 2011, all activities ended; the idea of this project started in the late 1980s. David Maddison was working on a computer program MacClade during his PhD research.

This is an application. He wanted to extend this program with a feature that allowed the user to browse through phylogenetic trees and zoom into other lower or higher taxa. Hence, this association was not unique in a stand-alone application; the researchers came up with the idea to export the application into the world wide web and this was realized in 1995. From 1996-2011, over 300 biologists from around the globe added taxa web pages into the phylogeny browser. To ensure the quality of ToL project, the board made use of peer-review; the pages that were reviewed were sent to two or three researchers that specialized in the particular subject. It is possible to visit the personal page of the author. If this is not accessible the institution is always at the footnote. Catalogue of Life Charles Darwin Encyclopedia of Life Open Tree of Life Tree of life Wikispecies Official website