Nordic Journal of Philosophical Logic

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Nordic Journal of Philosophical Logic  
Discipline Philosophy
Language English
Edited by Andrew J.I. Jones
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Publication history
Frequency Semi-annual
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ISSN 0806-6205

The Nordic Journal of Philosophical Logic was an international journal of philosophy started in May 1996. The journal considered submissions in any of the areas associated with Philosophical Logic and with the application of logic in conceptual analysis. The journal was edited at the Department of Philosophy, University of Oslo. Issues and articles were freely available over the internet, and are still available at the Nordic Journal of Philosophical Logic. Around 2000 the journal transferred to Taylor and Francis, who issued two volumes, but the journal closed in 2002. The issues of the journal published before the transfer of the journal to Taylor and Francis are available at its archive at the University of Oslo, which is also available from the web site of the Scandinavian Logic Society.

Important articles[edit]

The journal published papers by the influential philosophers of mathematics and logicians Hao Wang, Per Martin Löf and Jaakko Hintikka as well as by other important logicians. In 1998 the journal had a special issue on the Scottish logician, Hugh MacColl.