Nordjylland Power Station

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Nordjylland Power Station
Nordjylland Power Station with all four units.
Official nameNordjyllandsværket
Coordinates57°04′29.9″N 10°02′21.8″E / 57.074972°N 10.039389°E / 57.074972; 10.039389Coordinates: 57°04′29.9″N 10°02′21.8″E / 57.074972°N 10.039389°E / 57.074972; 10.039389
Commission date1967
Owner(s)Aalborg Kommune
Operator(s)Aalborg Forsyning
Thermal power station
Primary fuelCoal
Power generation
Units operational1 × 25 MW
1 × 305 MW
1 × 411 MW
Nameplate capacity741 MW
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Nordjylland Power Station (Danish: Nordjyllandsværket) is a coal-fired combined heat and power plant in Vodskov, 17 kilometres (11 mi) north-east of Aalborg, Denmark. It is operated by Aalborg Kommune; the power plant consists of 3 coal turbines and a gas turbine. Of these units, one is shut down; the gas turbine has an output of 25 MW and entered service in 1977, while unit 2, which went also in 1977 has a maximum production capacity of electricity of 305 MW and heat of 42 MJ/s. Unit 3, which entered service in 1998, has a maximum production capacity of 411 MW and a maximum heat production capacity of 490 MJ/s, it uses a 170.1 metres (558 ft) tall flue gas stack, while Units 1 and 2 and the gas turbine use 112.17 metres (368.0 ft) tall stacks. Unit 3 was the first power plant in Denmark with a SNOX-system for exhaust cleaning.

While two power lines leave the station eastward to the famous Vester Hassing Static Inverter Plant, where HVDC Konti-Skan starts, two other 380-kV lines cross Limfjord just east of the power plant in two spans; the towers of the westernmost of these spans are 101.2 metres (332 ft) tall and cross Limfjord in a 723 metres (2,372 ft) long span, while that of the easternmost span are 141.7 metres (465 ft) tall and cross Limfjord in a 797 metres (2,615 ft) long span. Latter towers are the tallest electricity pylons in Denmark, their considerable height results from the fact that they are equipped with a further crossbar for a 110-kV circuit.

The produced heat is used for district heating of Aalborg.

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