Norrie's Law hoard

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Coordinates: 56°14′30″N 2°56′21″W / 56.2416°N 2.9393°W / 56.2416; -2.9393

Silver plaque from the Norrie's Law hoard, Fife, with double disc and Z-rod symbol

Norrie's Law hoard is a 7th-century Pictish silver hoard discovered in c. 1819 at Balmain Farm, north of Largo Law, Upper Largo, Fife, Scotland. It was buried in a Bronze Age barrow; the hoard weighed about 12.5 kg (28 lb) in total, including a large number of silver coins which were sold and melted down.

Lady Durham[which?] in the 1830s donated several silver items from the hoard to the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland.

The characteristic symbols on some of the silver jewellery items are clearly reminiscent of the Pictish symbols otherwise only known from image stones.

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