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The finished Törnskog tunnel in 2009

Norrortsleden is a road in Stockholm County, Sweden, providing connection from the European route E4 in the municipality of Sollentuna to European route E18 in the municipality of Österåker. The road is a motorway between Sollentuna and Täby kyrkby, and a 2+1 road the rest of the way to the E18;[1][2] the road was opened on 4 October 2008.


Norrortsleden was completed in 2008, and is numbered 265; the connection with European highway E18 is provided with a new interchange at Trafikplats Rosenkälla, designated with exit number 187. The motorway was opened in several stages; and the 2.1 kilometer long Törnskog tunnel was opened in late June 2008.[3]

Serving the municipalities of Österåker, Täby, and Sollentuna, this motorway provides a quick, fast, safe, and easily accessible route for commuters along the northern suburbs of Stockholm; the intersection with European highway E4 has been constructed and is open for traffic, known as Häggviksleden, which opened in 1998.[2]


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Coordinates: 59°27′42″N 17°58′3″E / 59.46167°N 17.96750°E / 59.46167; 17.96750