Northern Bank £5 note

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Five pounds
(United Kingdom)
Security featuresRaised print, watermark see-through window, microprinting, UV feature
Paper typePolymer
Years of printing1999 (last design)
DesignSpace Shuttle
Design date1999

The Northern Bank £5 note was a banknote issued by Northern Bank for circulation in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. It was the smallest denomination note issued by the bank and was not legal tender outside Northern Ireland. Following the takeover of Northern Bank by Danske Bank in 2004, production of the note ended and it was slowly removed from circulation.


In October 1999 a special polymer version featuring an illustration of the Space Shuttle was issued in celebration of the millennium, it was the first polymer banknote used in the United Kingdom.[1] After the Northern Bank robbery in which £26.5 million was stolen, Northern Bank reprinted all of its banknotes with different designs apart from the £5 note which was not replaced.


List of historical designs[edit]

Note First issued Colour Size Design Additional information
series 1927–1968 1927
series 1970–1986 1995 Green 156 × 85 mm Front: Walter Scott; Back: Arts and culture
series 1988–1990 1988 Green 136 × 70 mm William Atcheson Traill [2]
Millennium 21 December 1999 Green 135 × 70 mm Space Shuttle [3]


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