Northwest Territories general election, 1970

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The Northwest Territories general election, 1970 took place on December 21, 1970. This was the 12th election in Northwest Territories history. It took place during the centennial of the territory.

Among the festivities earlier in the year was an official visit by Queen Elizabeth II to open the first Arctic Winter games in Yellowknife. The world-famous Polar Bear licence plate was also unveiled.

The centenary election brought up a number of old issues that have been seen in many elections in the past 100 years, mainly the transfer of powers from the federal government to the territory, full self-government, and rights for natives.

This was the first election in which a woman, Lena Pedersen was elected to the Territorial Legislature. She was one of ten elected members and four appointed members who would sit on the council.

The voting age for this election was lowered from 21 to 19.

Election summary[edit]

Election summary [1] # of candidates Popular vote
Incumbent New # %
Elected candidates 2 7 ? ?
Acclaimed candidates ? 1
Appointed Members 1 3?
Defeated candidates        
Total   9,169 100%
Turnout 69.2%

Appointed members[edit]

7th Northwest Territories Council
Member New/Re-appointed
Hugh Campbell Re-appointed
Louis-Edmond Hamelin New appointed
? ?
? ?

Members of the Legislative Assembly elected[edit]

For complete electoral history, see individual districts

7th Northwest Territories Legislative Council
District Member
Central Arctic Lena Pedersen
Eastern Arctic Bryan Pearson
Great Slave North James Rabesca*
Great Slave South Paul Kaeser
High Arctic Welland Phipps
Keewatin South Willie Adams
Keewatin North David Searle
Lower Mackenzie Lyle Trimble
Mackenzie-Laird Nick Sibbeston
Western Arctic Tom Butters


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