Northwest Territories general election, 1975

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The Northwest Territories general election, 1975 was the 13th general election in the Northwest Territories history. The election took place on March 10, 1975. This was the first general election since 1902 that all the members of the assembly were elected. Fifteen members were elected to the Legislative Council.

Election summary[edit]

Election summary [1] # of candidates Popular vote
Incumbent New # %
Elected candidates 1 13 ? ?
Acclaimed candidates ? 1
Defeated candidates        
Total   10,813 100%
Turnout 63.9%

Members of the Legislative Assembly elected[edit]

For complete electoral history, see individual districts

8th Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly
District Member
Central Arctic William Lyall
Central Baffin Ipeelee Kilabuk
Foxe Basin Mark Evaloarjuk
Great Slave James Wah-Shee
Hay River Donald Morton Stewart
High Arctic Ludy Pudluk
Inuvik Tom Butters
Keewatin Region Peter Irniq
Mackenzie Great Bear George Barnaby
Mackenzie-Laird William Lafferty
Slave River Arnold McCallum
South Baffin Bryan Pearson
Western Arctic John Steen
Yellowknife South David Searle
Yellowknife North Dave Nickerson


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