Northwest Territories general election, 1983

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The Northwest Territories general election, 1983 was the 15th general election in the Northwest Territories history. The election took place on November 21, 1983.

This was the first election in the Northwest Territories with live television coverage of vote returns.

Election summary[edit]

Election summary [1] # of candidates Popular vote
Incumbent New # %
Elected candidates 14 8 ? ?
Acclaimed candidates ? 2
Defeated candidates        
Total   15,765 100%
Turnout 69.7%

Members of the Legislative Assembly elected[edit]

For complete electoral history, see individual districts

10th Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly
District Member
Aivilik Tagak Curley
Baffin Central Pauloosie Paniloo
Baffin South Joe Arlooktoo
Deh Cho Samuel Gargan
Deh Cho Gah Nick Sibbeston
Foxe Basin Elijah Erkloo
Hay River Donald Morton Stewart
High Arctic Ludy Pudluk
Hudson Bay Moses Appaqaq
Inuvik Tom Butters
Iqaluit Dennis Patterson
Kitikmeot East Michael Angottitauruq
Kitikmeot West Red Pedersen
Kivallivik Gordon Wray
Mackenzie Delta Richard Nerysoo
Nunakput Nellie Cournoyea
Pine Point Bruce McLaughlin
Rae-Lac La Martre James Wah-Shee
Sahtu John T'Seleie
Slave River Arnold McCallum
Tu Nedhe Eliza Lawrence
Yellowknife Centre Robert H. MacQuarrie
Yellowknife North Michael Ballantyne
Yellowknife South Lynda Sorensen


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