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Nosoträsh is a Spanish pop music band formed in Gijon in 1994. Along with releasing records on the influential Elefant Records in Spain, Nosoträsh released a single in January 2007 in the United States with Hugpatch Records; the group is made up of five women: Bea, Malela and Natalia. Eugenia was a member of the group, but she left; the setup of the band is as follows: Natalia sings. Eugenia played the bass. One 1994 night in a bar of Gijón, the five music-lover friends are cheerfully talking, when the possibility of making up a new music group arises; that night, the group has chosen a name and the roles have been assigned. So they start to practise, they compose some songs. In May 1995, they record their first demo, surrounded by dogs, goats, a mouse. In March 1996, they walked into a recording studio for the first time. In July 1996, they opened their official website. In March 1998, the first album of Nosoträsh, Nadie hablará de nosotras, is released to the public, it is made up of thirteen songs.

The group wishes to introduce its album along with a tour, since the album is in the market. However, their record company, RCA, prefers not to organize concerts until the sales of the album have risen above certain income. Nosoträsh insists on the tour as the best promotion for the album; when the summer ends, a tour, called Gira pendiente is organized. The contract signed by RCA and Nosoträsh considered the possibility of an extension; the company considers that it finalizes the contract. These changes do not mean, they find a new independent company, which supports the group when they leave the multinational. In this record company, Nosoträsh has total artistic freedom. In April 2000, the second album of Nosoträsh, Mi vida en un fin de semana is released for sale, it is made up of twelve themes, composed by them. In 2002, the third album of Nosoträsh, entitled Popemas, is released; the album is made up of short-duration themes, written by them, with a minimal instrumentation. In 2005, their fourth album, Cierra la puerta al salir, was released.

They do not live in the same city. Nadie hablará de... Nosoträsh Mi vida en un fin de semana Popemas Cierra la puerta al salir History and lyrics at and

Libyan Post Telecommunications & Information Technology Company

Libyan Post Telecommunications & Information Technology Company is a holding company, was established in accordance with the decision of the Prime Minister's number for the year 2005 to be the owner of major communications companies. The company has been established upon a decision from the Secretary of the Board of Directors of LPTIC; the Company activities are investment, construction, own and operate the infrastructure facilities of the main and branch networks for the provision of telecommunications services. Libya Post Company is a Libyan joint stock company having its legal personality and independent financial liability, it is affiliated to the LPITC. The Company aims to establish, operate and organize all kinds of different post services including mail financial services at home and foreign level and products marketing for public and private bodies and any complementary activity meeting the purposes of the Company; the company has been established upon a decision from the Secretary of the Board of Directors of LPTIC, No. for year 2008, for purposes of operation and maintenance of the State systems and the development of a national phone network.

The Libyan International Telecom Company is one of LPTIC subsidiaries, established in 2008 to take over the management of all ports, international contacts in Libya and to meet the needs of the international communications of the other subsidiaries, whether telephony or data services. The establishment of Aljeel Aljadeed Company was to contribute in improvement and development of the telecommunications local market, transfer & resettlement of modern technologies in the field of communications and to enable the company to compete locally and internationally, by providing all services integrated communications services, fixed line and mobile and Internet services, television broadcasting and next generation network services. Almadar Aljadid is a government owned mobile network operator and data provider based in Tripoli, Libya. Libyana entered the Libyan telecommunication market with services to compete with Almadar, later acquired by LPITC. Libyana now has the highest telecom market share in Libya, with a market penetration rate exceeding 116%.

In addition to the services, Libyana has distributed its network of more than 15 business centers in different regions to expand its customer base nationwide. As a result, Libyana has grown the number of its subscribers to more than 6,200,000 in just four years, has become the largest mobile network in Libya. In May 2017, Libyana was the first mobile company in Libya to announce 4G service, is planning to become the first commercial 5G operator in Africa


CineFiles is a digital film document database containing more than 50,000 documents on film history compiled at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive at the University of California and supported by the Museum Informatics Project. Types of documents available on CineFiles include film reviews, interviews and scholarly articles, publicity materials, program notes, book excerpts, filmmakers' texts and correspondence, many other rare archival documents dating from the early 1900s to the present. Citations are available for all documents, page images are available for documents with copyright clearance, page images or links are available for over 90% of them. In some cases access to documents is restricted to availability for users on UC Berkeley campus IP address. More on this topic can be found on the Copyright Resources Project website. CineFiles includes documents on the films of more than 150 major international directors, materials describing silent Soviet cinema, PFA's unique collection of exhibitor manuals, among other documents and new titles and document images are continuously added.

CineFiles database was created in 1994 and expanded in 1996 with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities to allow the Pacific Film Archive Library and Film Study Center to index and digitize materials from its documentation collection and make them available, with copyright holders' permissions, on the Internet. In 2006, a three-year grant from Institute of Museum and Library Services to expand the scope of CineFiles. Other supporters include the Library Services and Technology Act, the Packard Humanities Institute, individual donors; the website was redesigned in 2009. CineFiles Database

Broadwood (constituency)

Broadwood is one of the 13 constituencies of the Wan Chai District Council in Hong Kong. The seat elects one member of the council every four years, it is now held by Legislative Councillor Paul Tse Wai-chun. The boundary is loosely based on the area of Broadwood Road. 2011 District Council Election Results 2007 District Council Election Results 2003 District Council Election Results 1999 District Council Election Results Louie, K. S.. C.. Electoral Facts in Hong Kong: 1982-1994. Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies. ISBN 962-441-519-6

Who Is Wonder Woman?

"Who is Wonder Woman?" is a five-issue comic book story arc written by Allan Heinberg with art by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson. It was published in the then-new third volume of the Wonder Woman title #1–4, after much delay, was resolicited and finished in Annual #1; this was the One Year Later Wonder Woman story. The hardcover collecting the issues of this arc was released on March 5, 2008 According to Allan Heinberg, the main influence for Who is Wonder Woman? was the Green Lantern: Rebirth mini-series. In fact. There was an idea from Heinberg that he proposed to DC in making his, Jodi Picoult, Gail Simone's arcs each into a mini-series. DC rejected his idea, in favor of keeping Wonder Woman as a monthly book; the story arc was delayed countless times between each issue. The reasons for the delay were Heinberg's writing duties on the TV series Grey's Anatomy colliding with his duties on the book, he did manage to give Terry Dodson only seven pages at least to keep him on the book for the art.

DC was willing to wait for Heinberg, but in early 2007, had to move the book forward because of Amazons Attack!. The Amazon warrior Diana has gone leaving Donna Troy to take up the mantle of Wonder Woman; when Diana returns, she goes under her former alias Diana Prince, acting as a secret agent and member of the Department of Metahuman Affairs. Her first assignment is to save Donna Troy – but will she retake the role of Wonder Woman? One year after the events of Infinite Crisis, Princess Diana of Themyscira had dropped out of sight. Since the mantle of Wonder Woman had been passed to Donna Troy. Three villains: Giganta, Dr. Psycho, Cheetah hold one of Diana's friends hostage at a museum on Themysciran history: Steve Trevor; the villains demand for the real Wonder Woman to appear, but Donna goes in and frees Steve, which leads to a fight between her and Cheetah in their new forms which leads outside. With the help of Dr. Psycho, Donna is kidnapped. Sarge Steel, head of the Department of Metahuman Affairs, talks to Steve Trevor, revealed to be Agent Nemesis.

There, he meets his new partner: Agent Diana Prince. The next morning, Diana Prince goes to the museum for any clues. There, she meets her protégé Cassie Sandsmark of the Teen Titans. Cassie is angry at Diana for leaving her after she was in depression after Conner Kent's death. Having no answer as to why she had left her, Cassie takes off to fight the villains who have appeared again. With her friends and the Department in need of help, Diana goes into an alley and decides to become Wonder Woman for the first time in a year, but she is stopped by Hercules. Hercules takes care of the questions Diana on her new Diana Prince identity, he points out that she stands for truth, yet she had decided to live a lie, further questioning her mission for peace on Man's World. He departs. Nemesis questions Hercules' sudden appearance and goes with Diana Prince to sneak around his location, they are attacked by him. Commenting on Diana's decision on pretending to be human, she casts a spell on her, removing her powers so that she is human.

Now, Circe is Wonder Woman. News breaks out on the new Circe/Wonder Woman committing her own brand of justice by freeing women from forced labor and killing the men who has forced them. Hercules, sadden by the fact that he had attacked Diana despite it not being by his own actions, goes with her to Circe's island, Aeaea. Once they land, Circe attacks them. Subduing her, grabbing her lasso of truth and Hercules go to her castle. Once there, Circe attacks again and Hercules stops her, but he attacks Diana, it is revealed that Hercules and Circe were plotting against Diana and planning on ruling the world as their ultimate Gods, but Circe double crossed him. Stopping him from killing Circe, Diana uses the lasso to force Circe to reverse the spell she had cast on her, she does, Diana is now Wonder Woman once again. But her entire rogues gallery appears... Attacked by all of her rogues, Diana manages to fight back until she is finished when Donna, Cassie and members from the Teen Titans, the Justice Society, the Justice League appear to help her.

As they fight her rogues, Diana leaves to confront Circe, who are fighting each other. Diana fights with Hercules, since he is an evil God, she is prepared to kill him, but she is stopped by Circe, who binds Hercules in chains. Circe is living her punishment, as she has lost what made her want to stay alive. Diana had accepted that she can't be human, feels alone because she doesn't quite belong anywhere as she mentions she was made from clay. Circe tells her that she is never alone, secretly casts a spell on her as she leaves. Diana Prince reports to Sarge and Nemesis on what happened to both Circe and Hercules though Nemesis mentions that he didn't see her when he arrived. Nemesis shows her the things collected from Aeaea and she accidentally slits her hand on a sword and bleeds, which makes Diana confused; when meeting with Donna, she reveals that Circe made sure that she is human as Diana Prince and immortal as Wonder Woman, thinks of it as some sort of gift. Now that she can be with humans instead of standing outside of them and Donna go with her to the press conference to announce her return, with the rest of the superhero community with her and happy to have her back.

Diana is happy, as she now knows "who is Wonder Woman". Word Balloon with writer Allan Heinberg on Who is Wonder Woman?: Right c

1982 Scottish Cup Final

The 1982 Scottish Cup Final was played on 22 May 1982 at Hampden Park in Glasgow. Aberdeen and Rangers contested the match. Aberdeen won 4–1, after extra time goals from McGhee and Cooper; this marked. That team being Aberdeen in 1970. John MacDonald opened the scoring for Rangers after 15 minutes with a diving header from six yards out after a cross from the right hand side. Aberdeen equalized in the 32nd minute when Alex McLeish curled the ball into the net with his right foot from the left edge of the penalty area after the ball had been cleared from a corner; the match went to extra-time and in the 3rd minute Mark McGhee scored with a header after a cross from the right. Gordon Strachan put Aberdeen 3-1 in front with a tap into an empty net after a cross from the left. Neale Cooper got the fourth a final goal for Aberdeen when he ran clear in on goal and despite a challenge from the Rangers goalkeeper Jim Stewart the ball broke free with Cooper shooting into the empty net. Scotland - Cup Results 1873/74-1877/78 and 1889/90-1995/96, RSSSF Results/Fixtures, Soccerbase Aberdeen F.

C.–Rangers F. C. rivalry