Kopaonik ski resort

Kopaonik ski resort or Kopaonik ski center, is a mountain resort and the largest center of winter tourism in Serbia. Located on the slopes of Kopaonik Mountain, it is a destination for skiing and snowboarding, but offers various other activities like tennis. In the area, there are several hotels and hostels, cafes and night clubs. Kopaonik ski resort was established in 1964. In 1981, Kopaonik Mountain was proclaimed a national park of Serbia. In the same year, the International Ski Federation recognized ski resort as an international ski center. In 1999, it was bombed several times; as of 2018, Kopaonik ski resort has 28 ski lifts, with 75 km of ski slopes for all categories. With around 55 km of alpine ski runs and 12 km of cross country runs, it is the largest ski resort in Serbia. Among other features, it has night skiing run and artificial snow system covering most of the resort. Kopaonik has mild winters with high levels of snowfall, on average about 200 sunny days annually with 160 days covered with snow.

Kopanik ski resort is being considered as one of the best ski resorts in Eastern Europe, with outstanding beginner and lower-intermediate terrain for skiers. There is an annual music festival; the festival gathers international reggae and electronic music performers. The ski resort has a "Snow Park" for extreme snowboarders; the park has expanses of grassland, forests composed of a variety of tree species, beauty spots, river gorges. The snow blanket lasts a long time on this mountain and there are favorable conditions for the expansion of winter tourism there. Kopaonik ski resort is well-connected with the main transport routes in Serbia, it is linked with the Ibar highway, It is located 127 km from the international airport Niš Constantine the Great Airport and 287 km from the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. The open Morava Airport near Kraljevo is much closer to this ski resort. However, it is only in its early development phase, although it is expected that this aerodrome will serve as the main hub for Kopaonik in the future.

A public heliport is located in a military base 0.8 km north of the resort. Tourism in Serbia Official website Ski resort Kopaonik at Kopaonik ski resort at Ski staze i žičare at

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I sincerely apologize for any pain my actions may have caused. This has been damaging to my family, I don't want to subject them to any additional pain that might result from carrying out this matter under the scrutiny that comes with holding public office. According to analysis by The Olympian, the Republican leadership in the state has now moved to attempt to control the damage of Curtis' resignation, issuing statements of their own. State House Republican Leader Richard DeBolt said he was "disappointed" and that Curtis "can no longer represent the constituents who elected him"