Rick Hardcastle

Richard Lynn Hardcastle, known as Rick Hardcastle, is a businessman and rancher from Vernon, a Republican former member of the Texas House of Representatives from District 68 in the eastern South Plains. In Hardcastle's last term, the district included sixteen counties: Baylor Clay, Cottle, Foard, Haskell, King, Montague, Thorckmorton and Young counties. However, in 2013, because of redistricting District 68 was expanded to twenty-two counties with several changes from the above listing, it is now represented by Republican Drew Springer Jr. of Texas. A native of Sherman in Grayson County in North Texas, Hardcastle attended Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas. Since 1998, he has been employed by the Rolling H. Cattle Company in Vernon in Wilbarger County, Texas. From 1975 to 1997, he operated Hardcastle AgAir, he and his wife, the former Nancy Zeissel, have two children. He is Roman Catholic. In the spring of 1998, Hardcastle won the Republican nomination for House District 68, 65-35 percent over Waco Tabor.

He narrowly won the 1998 general election when he unseated by 257 votes the incumbent Democrat Charles Adkins Finnell of Holliday in Archer County, within District 68. Hardcastle polled 14,854 votes to Finnell's 14,597. Representative Hardcastle was the chairman of the Agriculture and Livestock Committee in the 2003, 2005, 2011 legislative sessions, he was a member of the Border and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee in 2007 and in his last regular session in 2011. In 2001, Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum rated Hardcastle 73 percent conservative, compared to 100 percent for subsequent Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives Tom Craddick of Midland, among the higher evaluations of Texas lawmakers. Representative Hardcastle voted in 2007 to allow an individual to use deadly force in self-defense, he opposed a pay increase for public school employees. Hardcastle voted to require photo identification for voting or the presentation of two non-photo ID cards to verify a person's identity, he voted with the House majority to reduce the fee for a marriage license from $60 to $30.

He voted for casino gambling on Indian reservations. In another vote in 2007, Hardcastle supported legislation to permit religious expression in public schools. Signed into law by Governor Perry, the measure allows students to express their religious beliefs in classroom assignments, to organize prayer groups and other religious clubs, permits speakers at school events such as graduation ceremonies to mention religious matters. In 2009, Hardcastle voted against House-approved legislation to require retail fish dealers to post warning signs regarding high levels of mercury in fresh and frozen fish. Hardcastle voted in 2009 to establish a state-funded law school in Dallas. In 2011, Hardcastle voted to tax sales via the Internet if the company has a physical presence in Texas. Though the measure passed the House, 125-20, it was vetoed by Governor Perry, he voted to reduce funding for state agencies. He voted for a bill to ban texting another measure which Perry vetoed, he voted against a law signed by Perry which permits corporal punishment in public schools but only with parental consent.

Hardcastle voted against the House majority to ban smoking in most public places. He voted for a House-approved amendment offered in 2011 by conservative Representative Wayne Christian to require public colleges and universities to fund student centers that promote family and traditional values. Hardcastle voted to restrict state funding to facilities, he first sponsored legislation in 2011 to require women in Texas who procure abortions to undergo an ultrasound to be informed of the progress in the development of the child. On May 5, 2011, Hardcastle reversed himself and voted against the compulsory ultrasound, which the House still approved, 94-41, he voted for legislation, passed 102-40 in the House and signed by Governor Perry, which authorizes a county, when determining eligibility for a "sponsored alien" under the Indigent Health Care and Treatment Act, to include in the resources of the applicant any additional incomes of their spouse and sponsor. Physically unable to seek reelection in 2012, Hardcastle suffers from multiple sclerosis and has undergone adult stem cell surgery for his condition.

On April 18, 2012, Hardcastle was honored at a retirement party attended by many of his legislative colleagues held at the Red River Valley Museum in Vernon

List of active Squadrons of the French Air Force

The List of Active Squadrons of the French Air Force lists active squadrons of the French Air Force. However, to the list of dissolved Squadrons of the French Air Force, many of the current and active Squadrons created as of June 14 2015 are a direct actual historic chronological transformation and renumbering of many of the "dissolved" squadrons. In addition, each Squadron has for an individual respective Fanion. Squadrons are listed by the unit or formation that they are assigned to. Fighter Squadron 2/4 La Fayette Fighter Squadron 1/4 Gascogne Fighter Squadron 5/4 Groupe de Ravitaillement en Vol 02.091 Bretagne EC 1/2 Cigognes Fighter Squadron 1/3 Navarre Fighter Squadron 2/3 Champagne EC 3/3 Ardennes ET 4/3 Argonne Fighter Squadron 2/5 Île-de-France Escadron de Transformation Rafale 3/4 Aquitaine Fighter Squadron 3/11 "Corsica" Escadron de chasse et d'expérimentation 1/30 Côte d'Argent Fighter Squadron 2/30 Normandie-Niemen Fighter Squadron 3/30 Lorraine Fighter Squadron 1/7 Provence Escadron de Drones 1/33 Belfort Transport Squadron 41 Verdun Transport Squadron 43 Médoc Helicopter Squadron 1/44 Solenzara Transport Squadron 50 Réunion Transport Squadron 52 La Tontouta Escadron électronique aéroporté 1/54 Dunkerque Mixed Air Group 56 Vaucluse Transport Squadron 3/60 Estérel Transport Squadron 1/61 Touraine Transport Squadron 2/61 Franche-Comté Special Operations Transport Squadron 3/61 Poitou Transport Squadron 1/62 Vercors Transport Squadron 3/62 Ventoux Escadron de Transport 2/64 Anjou Escadron de Transport 60 Escadron d'Hélicoptères 1/67 Pyrénées Escadron d'Hélicoptères 3/67 Parisis Escadron d'Hélicoptères 5/67"Alpilles" Escadron de Transport 68 Antilles-Guyane Escadron de Transport 82 Maine Escadron de Transport 88 Larzac Centre d'Instruction des Equipages de Transport 340 Centre d'Instruction des Equipages d'Hélicoptères 341 Escadrille Aérosanitaire 6/560 Etampes Airborne Early Warning and Airspace Control Squadron 36 Berry The following surface-to-air missile squadrons have been attached to BACE since September 1 2007: Surface-to-Air Defence Squadron 1/950 Crau Surface-to-Air Defence Squadron 2/950 Sancerre Surface-to-Air Defence Squadron 5/950 Barrois Surface-to-Air Defence Squadron 12/950 Tursan Air Force Parachute Commando No. 10 Air Force Parachute Commando No. 20 Air Force Parachute Commando n° 30, C.

P. A 30 Operational Transition Squadron 1/8 Saintonge Operational Transition Squadron 2/8 Nice Training Squadron 2/2 Côte d'Or List of Escadres of the French Air Force List of French Air Force aircraft squadrons