Matsya Nyaya

"Matsya Nyaya" is the twentieth episode of the first season of the American television drama series Person of Interest. It is the 20th overall episode of the series and is written by Ray Utarnachitt and directed by Kevin Bray, it aired on CBS in the United States and on CTV in Canada on April 26, 2012. In 2010, Reese and Stanton are on a mission in Morocco. While Stanton interrogates a suspect, Reese calls Jessica, she needs to talk to him and Reese flies home the next day to meet her. However, they are told by Snow and Corwin to go to a ghost town named Ordos in China and retain a stolen laptop. After everyone leaves, Snow tells Reese that he must kill Stanton after having communicated with an intermediary of Hezbollah. Arriving at Ordos and Stanton find nearly everyone killed. Stanton interrogates a wounded man and when he confirms that "they" stole it, she kills him and lies to Reese saying she put him out of mercy, they retrieve the stolen laptop and steals it from Reese. She shoots him in the gut but they realize that both were told to kill each other as everyone who came in contact with the Machine.

Reese flees just as CIA operatives drop bombs on the building killing Stanton. Reese helps Carter to get a potential killer and saving the husband, cheating on her. Finch notifies him that they got a new number: Tommy Clay. Clay works in an armored car sale service and shows no sign of criminal records nor any illegal activity. Reese poses as a trainee in the armored truck where his partner, Murray Langston, operate; when the team picks up platinum valued at $1.25 million, the vehicle explodes and Reese is shot by Clay. Reese is rescued by Carter. Finch tracks Clay to a motel. Fusco arrives and realizes that HR is involved in the robbery as Finch finds Clay's partner, a waitress named Ashley. Reese finds Clay, realizes that Clay is not only a perpetrator, but a victim, just before Clay is killed by Ashley. Ashley leaves with the platinum, but is killed by Captain Arthur'Artie' Lynch, a member of HR, in turn killed by Fusco coming to Reese's rescue. Snow and his partner follow a lead, they arrive at a hotel, where the partner is killed and Snow is taken hostage by Kara, revealed to have survived the air strike.

In its original American broadcast, "Matsya Nyaya" was seen by an estimated 12.73 million household viewers and gained a 2.4/6 ratings share among adults aged 18–49, according to Nielsen Media Research. This was an 8% decrease in viewership from the previous episode, watched by 13.69 million viewers with a 3.0/8 in the 18-49 demographics. With these ratings, Person of Interest was the third most watched show on CBS for the night beating The Mentalist, but behind Rules of Engagement, The Big Bang Theory although being first in terms of viewership, second on its timeslot and fifth for the night in the 18-49 demographics, behind Rules of Engagement, Grey's Anatomy, American Idol, The Big Bang Theory. "Matsya Nyaya" received positive reviews from critics. Keysha Couzens of TV Overmind wrote "By now it's become clear that there are two ways to watch Person of Interest. Either you're just there for the fun of the procedural POI of the week format or you're into it for the bigger picture. Last night's episode proved that those of us that have been paying close attention to the flashbacks of the characters have some nice payoff story-wise in the coming final episodes of the first season."Luke Gelineau of TV Equals wrote "Person of Interest returned tonight with the most peculiarly titled episode of the season,'Matsya Nyaya'.

After Reese and Carter wrap up a case involving a cheating husband in the first scene, they get their number for this weeks PoI: Tommy."Sean McKenna of TV Fanatic gave the episode a 4.3 star rating out of 5 and wrote "The series is doing a fantastic job stringing everything together and finding ways to culminate the bigger picture as the season draws closer to the end. It's a testament when you can combine character development, solid action and some cool twists that lead to something more when for the most part the show runs as a procedural." "Matsya Nyaya" at CBS "Matsya Nyaya" on IMDb "Matsya Nyaya" at TV Guide "Matsya Nyaya" at

Illegal Alien (song)

"Illegal Alien" is a song by English rock band Genesis. It was released as the fourth single from the album Genesis; the song reached No. 46 in the UK charts. The song's lyrics are a satirical depiction of the frustrations an illegal Mexican immigrant faces in coming to the United States, leading up to the chorus: "It's no fun being an illegal alien." The second stanza of the bridge — in which the trespasser offers sexual favors from his sister in exchange for admittance across the border — was edited from radio versions of the song, as well as from the music video version. Writing a quarter-century after its release Wired Magazine's Scott Thill called the video "a train wreck". Phil Collins played; the song's music video depicts most of the events described in the lyrics. At the end of the video, the entire cast and crew is seen singing the repeated chorus along with the band members; the clip was filmed at the same time as the video for "Mama". "Illegal Alien" was only played live in its entirety during the Mama Tour.

A live version is featured on disc two of Genesis Archive 2: 1976–1992, recorded live at the L. A. Forum, Los Angeles, California on 14 January 1984; the home video The Mama Tour features a live version of the song performed at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England, in February 1984. An excerpt from the chorus was included as part of the "Old Medley" featured on The Way We Walk, Volume Two: The Longs and The Way We Walk - Live in Concert. 7" Single"Illegal Alien" "Turn It On Again" 12" maxi"Illegal Alien" "Turn It On again" Phil Collins – drums, vocals, trumpet Tony Bankskeyboards, backing vocals Mike Rutherford – guitars, bass guitar, backing vocals Lyrics of this song at MetroLyrics