Nowhere (song)

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Single by Therapy?
Released 17 January 1994
Genre Pop punk
Label A&M
Songwriter(s) Andy Cairns
Producer(s) Chris Sheldon
Therapy? singles chronology
"'Opal Mantra'"
"'Trigger Inside'"

Opal Mantra
Trigger Inside

"Nowhere" is a song by Therapy? and a single released on 17 January 1994 on A&M Records.[1] A remix CD was released a week later on 24 January 1994. The song is featured on the Troublegum album. The single reached number 18 in the UK Singles Chart,[2] and number 6 in the Irish Singles Chart.[3] The song is covered by Heaven Shall Burn as bonus track on the limited edition of their album Invictus (Iconoclast III).

The single was released on CD, CD Digipack, CD Remix, 7" Vinyl and Cassette.

Track listing[edit]

2."Pantopon Rose"2:19
3."Breaking the Law" (Originally by Judas Priest)3:29
4."CC Rider" (Originally by Elvis Presley)2:32

Track listing (CD Remix)[edit]

2."Nowhere" (Sabres of Paradise Mix) 
3."Nowhere" (Therapeutic Distortion Mix) 

Track listing (European CD)[edit]

2."Nice N' Sleazy" (Originally by The Stranglers) 
3."Reuters" (Originally by Wire) 
4."Tatty Seaside Town" (Originally by The Membranes) 


  • Andy Cairns: vocals/guitar
  • Fyfe Ewing: drums
  • Michael McKeegan: bass
  • Chris Sheldon: engineer, producer, mixer
  • Mudd Wallace & Therapy?: producer (CC Rider)
  • Andrew Weatherall: additional production and remix
  • Gary Burns: additional production and remix
  • Jagz Kooner: additional production and remix
  • Valerie Phillips: photography
  • Jeremy Pearce: design
  • Simon Carrington: design

Promo Video[edit]

  • "Nowhere": Directed by Nico Beyer