Nul Book Standard

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Nul Book Standard EP
EP by The Futureheads
Released 2002
Recorded ??
Genre Post-punk revival
Length 6:05
Label Project Cosmonaut
Producer ??
The Futureheads chronology
Nul Book Standard EP
1-2-3-Nul! EP
(2003)1-2-3-Nul! EP2003

Nul Book Standard is an EP by British band The Futureheads. Their first official release, the EP came out in 2002 on the Project Cosmonaut label.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Park Inn" - 1:11
  2. "Robot" - 2:10
  3. "My Rules" - 1:39
  4. "Stupid and Shallow" - 1:35