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A bridleway in Nunwell

Nunwell is the location of Nunwell House, near Brading on the Isle of Wight, which was the home of the Oglander family for many centuries. It is in the civil parish of Newchurch; the present family are not direct descendants through the male line and thus the baronetcy has died out.

The Nunwell Estate was owned by Tostig Godwinsson prior to the Norman Conquest; the present house is largely Jacobean and was sold off briefly, with the Oglander family moving into the former coach house.

The medieval Brading Town Gunne is at the coach house after being stolen in the 1950s and rediscovered in a saleroom and returned not to the town gunne room but to Nunwell by an anonymous well-wisher; the Town Trust are negotiating for its return. It is cracked due to its having been overcharged to celebrate the 1832 Reform Act.

Coordinates: 50°41′00″N 1°09′30″W / 50.68333°N 1.15833°W / 50.68333; -1.15833