Nyungic languages

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South West (Western Australia)
Linguistic classification Pama–Nyungan
  • Southwest
    • Nyungic
Glottolog None
Nyungic languages (green) among other Pama–Nyungan (tan). Classification of Bowern (2011). Nyungar is the section in the southwest.

The Nyungic languages are the south-westernmost of the Australian Aboriginal languages:[1]

Galaagu and Kalaamaya/Natingero are poorly attested; it is not clear how close they are to each other or to Nyungar, and Kalaamaya may have been a variety of Nyungar proper. A variety called Nyaki Nyaki (Njakinjaki) has been variously said to be a dialect of Nyungar or of Kalaamaya.[2]

The term Nyungic has been used for the bulk of the Southwest Pama–Nyungan languages (see). However, that is a geographical group, not a demonstrable family. Bowern restricts both terms to Nyungar plus Galaagu, which is poorly attested and had been misclassified as one of the Mirning languages.


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