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For the Italian magazine see Oggi (magazine).
ProductsClothing, accessories

OGGI (also Oodji) is a youth fashion chain operating in Russia and former Soviet countries. OGGI is specialized in the development and production of clothes for girls and young women as well as distribution through a wide network of brand shops.


The first OGGI shop opened its doors in 1998 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Over 280 OGGI shops have been opened since 1998 in more than a hundred cities around Russia and Ukraine.

Boycott of OGGI[edit]

Flash mob near "OGGI" in Kyiv, September 2014
Mandatory labelling: Designed in Paris and made in Uzbekistan.

Since 2013, in Ukraine company has become the object of attention of activists of the campaign "Do not buy Russian goods!" Activists urge not to buy in markets "OGGI" nothing pointing to the owners of Russian origin network. Also OGGI hit to public lists of Russian goods of activists and journalists.[1][2]


City Stores
Saint-Petersburg 25
Moscow 76
Nizhniy Novgorod 8
Total 109
Name Of District Stores
Central Federal District 31
Northwestern Federal District 12
Volga Federal District 38
Siberian Federal District 23
Urals Federal District 14
Southern Federal District 16
Far Eastern Federal District 9
Total 143


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