OK Go (2001 EP)

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OK Go (Pink EP)
Ok go pink.jpg
EP by OK Go
Released 2001
Length 10:20
OK Go chronology
Brown EP
(2000)Brown EP2000
Pink EP
(2002)OK Go2002

OK Go or The Pink EP (officially known as OKGoCD.002) is the second EP by American rock band OK Go.

"Hello, My Treacherous Friends" is a remake of the song "A Christian, Two Friends, and Some Spiders" from OK Go's demo tape, but originally recorded by Damian Kulash's band Square for their self-titled 5 song EP. Both "Hello, My Treacherous Friends" and "What to Do" would later be re-recorded and released on the band's first album in 2002 and "Antmusic" (a cover version of the song Adam and the Ants from the 1980 album Kings of the Wild Frontier) would become a B-side to the UK "Get Over It" single from that album in 2003.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Hello, My Treacherous Friends"
  2. "What to Do"
  3. "Antmusic"