OK Go (2000 EP)

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OK Go (Brown EP)
Ok go brown.jpg
EP by OK Go
Released 2000
Recorded Summer, 2000
Length 7:38
OK Go chronology
Brown EP
Pink EP
(2001)Pink EP2001

OK Go or The Brown EP (officially known as OKGoCD.001) is the first EP by American rock band OK Go.

Both "Bye Bye Baby" and "We Dug a Hole" were previously recorded by the band for a demo disc ("We Dug a Hole" was then titled "Fuzz"). The track "Bye Bye Baby" would later be re-recorded and released on the band's first album in 2002 and "It's Tough to Have a Crush" would become a B-side to the "Don't Ask Me" single from that album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Bye Bye Baby"
  2. "We Dug a Hole"
  3. "It's Tough to Have a Crush When the Boy Doesn't Feel the Same Way You Do"