OTs-20 Gnom

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OTs-20 Gnom
Type Revolver
Place of origin Russia
Service history
In service MVD[1]
Production history
Designer TsKIB SOO
Manufacturer KBP Instrument Design Bureau
Produced 1994
No. built 200
Weight 1.1 kg (1.17 with ammo)[2]
Length 250 mm
Barrel length 100 mm (3.93 inches)
Width 45 mm
Height 132 mm

Cartridge 12.5x40mm STs-110
Action Double action or single action
Muzzle velocity 350–400 m/s (lethal ammunition)[3]
100 m/s (non-lethal ammunition)[3]
Feed system 5-round cylinder
Sights Fixed; front blade and rear notch

The OTs-20 Gnom ("Gnome") is a Russian revolver manufactured by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau. It uses a proprietary 12.5x40mm STs-110 cartridge developed from a 32 gauge shotgun cartridge.[2][4] It can fire lead slug (STs-110-04), lead shot (STs-110-02), and armor-piercing steel-core slug (STs-110) cartridges, as well as three types of non-lethal ammunition.[3] The revolver is smooth bore and so it lacks accuracy[4] but has high muzzle velocity and stopping power.

A tactical laser projector is available that mounts on an accessory rail under the ejector rod shroud. It is turned on and off via a pressure switch that can be attached on the grip; the operator just squeezes the grip and the projector goes on or off.

The manufacturer claims that the steel-core slug can penetrate 4.5 mm of "standard body armor plate" at 25 m. They also claim that the dispersion of this bullet at this distance is about 5 cm.[2]


The gun was designed by A.N. Nevizhin (А.Н. Невижин), V.I. Seregin (В.И. Серёгин) and S.V. Zotov (С.В. Зотов) at TsKIB SOO.[2] Its production started in 1994, and only 200 pieces have been known to be made as of 2013. The gun was partially derived from the 9 mm OTs-11 Nickel revolver previously developed by Nevizhin and Zotov.[3]

Similar Weapons[edit]

Before the Gnom, the MVD had already in service a similar item: the KBP 12.3mm UDAR revolver.[4] Derived from the 9mm R-92 revolver, the UDAR was designed to be used as a self-defense and riot-control weapon for undercover or plainclothes police. It uses rounds derived from cut-down 36-gauge shotgun shells and can fire shot, slug or aerosol gas shells.

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