Expedition of Khalid ibn al-Walid (Dumatul Jandal)

For the ensuing expedition, see Expedition of Khalid ibn al-Walid Expedition of Khalid ibn al-Walid, to Dumat Al-Jandal, to attack the Christian Prince of Duma, took place in March 631 AD, 9AH, 11th month of the Islamic Calendar, or October 630AD according to William Montgomery Watt. According to Ar-Rahīq al-Makhtum, a modern Islamic hagiography of Muhammad written by the Indian Muslim author Saif ur-Rahman Mubarakpuri, Muhammad sent Khalid ibn Walid to Dumatul Jandal, against Ukaydir ibn Abd al-Malik al-Kindi, the Christian prince of Dumatul Jandal. Khalid ibn Walid was sent with 450 horsemen and Muhammad said to Khalid: "You will see him hunting oryxes"; when Khalid came to the castle of the Christian prince, he saw oryxes coming out rubbing their horns against the castle gate, he saw Ukaydir hunting the oryxes. Ukaydir's brother was out hunting, after a short struggle, Khalid ibn Walid captured and killed him, he took Ukaydir captive, but he was surrounded by his followers. After Khalid took Ukaydir captive, he threatened to kill him.

Khalid brought him back to Muhammad, who spared his life for a ransom of 2000 camels, 800 sheep, 400 armours and 400 lances. He brought all this booty back to Madinah, along with the captive, he brought another brother of the Prince of Duma. Mubarakpuri, mentions that another condition for sparing his life and making peace with him, was that he recognize the duty of paying the tribute and must collect the Jizyah from Dumat, Tabuk and Taima’; the event is mentioned by the Muslim Scholar Ibn Sa'd in his book "Kitab al-tabaqat al-kabir", as follows: The event is mentioned in the Sunni hadith collection Sunan Abu Dawud, it is written: Military career of Muhammad List of expeditions of Muhammad

Yoann Richomme

Yoann Richomme is a French navigator and yacht skipper. He is a double winner of the Solitaire du Figaro and won the 2018 Route du Rhum in the Class 40 category. Richomme studied as a naval architect at Southampton Solent University, was was involved in the development of the Figaro 3 yacht, he is seeking to compete in the 2024 Vendée Globe event. On 4 February 2020 it was announced that Richomme will skipper the Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team's'Racing for the Planet' boat in the 2021 running of The Ocean Race; as such, Richomme will skipper the Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team's first full team entry in the race, having had involvement in the Turn the Tide on Plastic entry in the 2018 race. Class 40 IMOCA profile Yoann Richomme on Twitter